April Favorites.

I’m sorry, but where the heck is this year going?! Before we know it, it’s going to be Memorial Day and then Summer, which I’m totally not complaining about, but this year is FUH-lying by.

Dancing for Donuts | April Favorites.

Even this weekend flew by (most likely because I did about a zillion things) but I’m doing my best to avoid catching the Sunday Scaries right now by writing this post and getting sh*t done so I don’t have to worry about it during the week.

As I’ve done the past¬†couple of months, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite product discoveries from April. I used to eat the same things pretty much everyday for years, but lately I’ve been trying more new-to-me foods and it’s actually become really fun. I might be crazy here, but grocery shopping is probably one of my favorite errands to run during the week…who’s with me?! ūüôā

Dancing for Donuts | April Favorites.

Banza Chickpea Pasta – Guysssssss this stuff is a GAME. CHANGER. I’m not gluten-free by any means, but I’m all about healthier versions of comfort food. This pasta is¬†so delicious and doesn’t have that like, weird mushy consistency of brown rice or quinoa pasta. It’s actually a little bit nutty, too, which I think is so much more flavorful than plain white pasts, anyway! I’m partial to whole wheat in general, but I think chickpea pasta¬†might take the cake. I paired mine with roasted veggies (like cauliflower and brussels sprouts) and some goat cheese for creaminess. DE-LISH.

Dancing for Donuts | April Favorites.

Go Raw Sprouted Watermelon Seeds – To say these things are addicting would be a serious understatement. I actually got them with my friend Pam who wanted a healthy snack for the beach and neither of us had high hopes, but they were¬†really,¬†really¬†good. I love that they’re rich in magnesium, zinc and protein but they’re not a nut (which means they have less fat!) and though they’re lightly salted in sea salt, they’re not too salty by any means. I can’t wait to pick these up again and try them in a salad (instead of shoveling them in by the handful until we reached the bottom of the bag…oops!).

Dancing for Donuts | April Favorites.

Trader Joe’s King Coconut Water – Okay okay, so coconut water isn’t actually the healthiest drink ever and is not superior to regular water by any means, but sue me if sometimes I need something with a little more flavor! I’ve been loving these little boxes of coconut water, that are only $1.19, after lunch or my workouts (which are, coincidentally, often at lunch). Though most coconut waters have a ton of sugar, this one only has 8 grams, but a ton of potassium. My advice? Serve it super chilled and add ice cubes – super refreshing on a hot day!

Dancing for Donuts | April Favorites.

Turkey Jerky – If this bag looks nearly empty to you, it’s because it absolutely was. That baby didn’t stand a chance and to be honest, I think I almost tossed the bag before I remembered to snap a photo. I know jerky gets a bad rap because it’s high in sodium, which is fair, but it’s also a high-protein snack that doesn’t have to be refrigerated. It’s also a much healthier choice than many other pre-packaged snacks, plus it’s convenient and delicious.¬†Perfect for snacking on at the office or before a workout! Turkey is slightly healthier than beef too, so I chose this Country Archer variety in Honey Dijon. Currently putting this on my grocery list for next week as we speak…

That’s all for now, friends. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

xo jordan

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  1. Carrie says:

    That jerky sounds delicious! I’m a big jerky fan. I have some of that Banza stuff in my cupboard, but haven’t tried it yet- good to know you like it!

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