Why I Don’t Own a Scale (and Never Plan to in the Future)

Can I tell you something? I’m like, soooooo beyond exhausted of thinking about weight.

Dancing for Donuts | Why I Don't Own a Scale [and Never Plan to in the Future]

And to be frank, I’m tired of hearing other people talk about it, too. Now that’s not to say I don’t support you in your weight loss journey because I absolutely 100% do, but I think what’s really been bothering me is the focus on our actual “weight,” as in the number on the scale, versus how we treat our bodies. I’m no nutritionist or trainer (y’all know that), but I’d like to think of myself as a health-conscious human. I try my hardest to eat whole, un-processed foods as much as possible, I move my body and strengthen my muscles on a regular basis, and I take care of it when it needs to rest. I’m by no means perfect, and I pay waaaaay too much attention to how my stomach looks in the mirror, but I can tell you that I’m not a slave to the scale. I feel incredibly lucky that my main hobby growing up (and then my job) was a sport, and that body positivity was something promoted by those around me.

Dancing for Donuts | Why I Don't Own a Scale [and Never Plan to in the Future]

I know a lot of women, or people in general, have an obsession with weight, as do I most of the time, but I think we all need to shift gears a little bit. That number on the scale (which also varies depending on which one you’re using so which one is even accurate anyway?!) is exactly that: just a number. It fluctuates when you drink a lot of water, or when you don’t and you’re dehydrated, when you’ve had a few indulgent days on vacation, or a few extra salads when you’re feeling motivated, when you’re on a juice cleanse, or when you go off of it.

I guess what I mean is, what’s the point of even looking at it if it’s going to change depending on whether you weigh yourself first thing in the morning or 14 hours later before bed? Not to mention, muscle weighs more than fat, so that number can be even MORE misleading than you thought. And please keep that in mind – sometimes when that number goes up, it just means you look like a bada$$ and your guns are busting out of your t-shirt because you’ve been lifting and are therefore burning more calories on the reg without even trying (because that’s how muscle works). It may NOT mean that you gained a bunch of fat because you had 3 squares of chocolate last night.


I know this message isn’t for everyone because yes, it is unhealthy to weigh over a certain amount, and I get that, but the majority of people who become slaves to the scale in their bathroom or gym shouldn’t actually need to weigh themselves, right? Like if you just busted your butt for 45 minutes lifting weights or pounding on the treadmill, you’re kind of kicking a$$. And if you’re going to go home afterwards and have a balanced snack or meal with some greens and protein and healthy fat, you’re kicking even more a$$.

Dancing for Donuts | Why I Don't Own a Scale [and Never Plan to in the Future]

So here’s what I’m saying, I just feel like we’ve all gotten a tad obsessive with the weight talk, and I’m fully including myself in that. I think what we should be focusing on instead is what we’re putting inside of our bodies and how we’re maintaining optimal health. Because a certain number of pounds does not equal a level of “health.” We feel guilty when we come back from a vacation that may have involved a touch too much ice cream and fewer workouts than usual, when the reality of it is, if we come back from that trip, fuel our bodies with some extra goodness and focus on getting enough nutrients, it shouldn’t matter what the scale says.

If you know you’re treating your body as best as you possibly can, and that includes balancing it with a happy, full life too, then you’re kind of killing the game. Screw the scale. Stop looking at the numbers and look at your fridge instead. What’s in there? Hopefully some greens, and fruit, a few sources of protein, your favorite foods, and maybe some sort of milk for coffee (if you’re me…). And did you move your body today? If you didn’t, can you squeeze in a 20 minute walk around the block right now? Focus on those things. I promise, you’ll feel better.

xo Jordan

12 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Own a Scale (and Never Plan to in the Future)

  1. Aryanna | Rosé & Chambray says:

    YES GIRL! I love this post, love the message, and I couldn’t agree more.

    For years I weighed myself first thing in the morning EVERY DAY, and my day and mood would be determined by the number on the scale. It was miserable, especially when my efforts weren’t being reflected.

    Eat healthy, get active, enjoy life, and screw the scale.

    PS: You look so happy and beautiful in these pics!


    • dancing for donuts says:

      Love you forever!! I’m so glad you’ve ditched that habit and are happier without it. You’re doing what’s right for your body and mind, and that’s what matters! <3

    • dancing for donuts says:

      Thank you so much, Amanda!!!! I love that – measuring health by actions, friends and choices. That should be the only way to measure it, anyway <3

  2. Mile High Dreamers says:

    Woo hoo! Love this :). Our scale mysteriously disappeared (thanks Ben, haha), and I went from being obsessive about the number, to not missing it ONE bit. I’m way more focused now on how I feel and how my clothes fit to give me a gauge of where I’m at. That number means NADA.
    Ps. You look amazing! And super happy!

    Susie | http://milehighdreamers.com

    • dancing for donuts says:

      Yay!!!!! I’m glad Ben misplaced it because life is so much better without it 🙂 Thank you for the kind words & compliments as always, they mean so much to me!!!

    • dancing for donuts says:

      Love YOU! And I’m so glad you’re with me, I feel like there’s too much out there promoting the wrong things and we need to show more of the right things to focus on for a happier life! <3

  3. whatismaria says:

    I am so done with the scale as well to be honest!! When I had an eating disorder I would weight myself obsessively several times a day and allow the illness to blind me into thinking each ounce gained was fat (not that gaining fat is bad, sometimes it is necessary). Letting go of the scale has made me so much happier and I’m happy to hear that you’re managed to find similar freedom as well. Also, you look absolutely stunning! Much love <3

    • dancing for donuts says:

      I’m SO glad you were able to let it go and that you’ve found a happier, healthier place!!! We don’t need to it to know how we’re treating our bodies, and hopefully that is with kindness always. Thank you for your kind words, my love!!

      • whatismaria says:

        I couldn’t agree more – if we know that we take care of ourselves and do what makes us happy and healthy, a silly number should not matter 🙂 and you are always welcome! <3

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