What I Ate Wednesday #2.

Hello beautiful humans!

Today I’m bringing back my What I Ate Wednesday posts, since y’all seemed to be interested in the first one! Here’s a look at what I ate yesterday, on a regular ol’ Tuesday.

Dancing for Donuts | What I Ate Wednesday #2.

8am: To start the day, I had a mug of Stumptown Coffee with one packet of stevia, some 1% milk, cinnamon, and a scoop of VitalProteins Collagen Peptides.

Dancing for Donuts | What I Ate Wednesday #2.

9:30am: Breakfast at the office as per usj! I’ve been going back to an old favorite of mine – plain greek yogurt with peanut butter and a banana. I added some Bear Naked granola for some staying power, too!

Dancing for Donuts | What I Ate Wednesday #2.

12:15pm: Somehow my breakfast magically kept me full until noon (my appetite’s been weird lately though), so I lasted until lunch without a snack this time. Lunch was some of the leftover roast we made on Sunday with black beans, roasted onion, and quinoa! Simple and so delicious 🙂 I highly recommend making extra anytime you cook so that you have meals ready throughout the week. Suuuuuuch a lifesaver!

Dancing for Donuts | What I Ate Wednesday #2.

3pm: Snacktime rolls around and though I’m craving something sweet, I’m really trying to cut back on the sugar. Luckily I brought a bag of carrots and celery with some spinach & artichoke hummus (planning ahead is essential!). The perfect healthy snack with some protein!

Dancing for Donuts | What I Ate Wednesday #2.

5pm: Surprise surprise, I’m hungry again. I have to make it through a workout once I leave the office, so I grab a NoGii bar (my new favorite!!) to tide me over.

Dancing for Donuts | What I Ate Wednesday #2.

8pm: We threw together some chicken breasts tossed in a homemade rub, sauteed asparagus and snap peas (in soy sauce + a bit of butter), and leftover pasta from the night before. There we go with the leftovers again…see how much they come in handy?! This dinner was super delicious, especially for one that only took 15 minutes to make!

9:30pm: I have a couple of pieces of watermelon before bed (even though I try not to eat after 9pm for the most part) because my sweet tooth is going off again. Watermelon is my favorite in the summer, I think I could live off of it!

Alright folks, there ya go. Let me know what meals and snacks you’ve been loving lately, I’m always up for new ideas!

xo jordan

4 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #2.

  1. Susie @ Mile High Dreamers says:

    Watermelon is our FAVORITE! We literally buy the mini ones, slice it in half, and just eat it with a spoon. Our rule is no food after 8, unless it’s fruit. It makes it easier to not binge out when we know we can have a little something!
    One of my favorite snacks now is raw radishes. You just eat them whole! I used to think it was so weird when Ben did it, but once I got used to the spicy taste, I got addicted! They’re crunchy and filling, especially with a little hummus!

    • dancing for donuts says:

      I’ve been super into radishes lately, too!!! they have such a unique flavor! i’ll have to try them with hummus, i’ve mostly just been putting them into salads. thanks for the tip!!! 🙂

  2. materrell16 says:

    We’re always sure to have some sort of leftovers (or at least some sort of meat, rice, and veggies) in the house for the same reason…but also so my husband doesn’t have to eat ship food every day at work.

    I’ve been on a wrap kick lately. Ole high fiber wraps, chicken or steak, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and hummus if we have it.

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