Friday Faves & Finds.

It is 100 degrees in LA on this lovely Friday, and I’ve spent the morning dealing with an allergic reaction. So Happy Friday! Or not…

Luckily this week did have some wonderful moments like finally getting to try an acai bowl (is this beautiful or what?!)…

 Dancing for Donuts | Friday Faves & Finds.

I also splurged on this ridiculously gorgeous sunflowers from the farmer’s market. No joke, they turned the water in the vase PINK. It was crazy and awesome and I would totally buy them again. Too bad they didn’t last more than 5 days 🙁

Dancing for Donuts | Friday Faves & Finds.

I also got new glasses! I’ve had the same pair for about 5 years or so, and figured it would be good to get new ones before my insurance runs out when I turn 26 (in 10 DAYS!). Warby Parker is my new favorite company.

Dancing for Donuts | Friday Faves & Finds.

And before I leave you with some light reading & my favorite links from around the web this week, I leave you with this quote that makes my smile…

Dancing for Donuts | Friday Faves & Finds.

From around the web:

30 Kitchen Hacks Everyone Should Know – so true, so helpful.

A Letter to This Blog’s Readers on It’s Birthday – full of incredible wisdom & advice.

23 Recipes That Will Feed Your Inner Flower Child – I’ll need to make at least one of these just for the photos…

Three Fun Things – these beautiful Japanese words are perfect.

12 Best Avocado Toast Recipes – yes please!

Tropical Melon Breakfast Bowls – prettiest (and probably most delicious) breakfast ever.

6 Meals to Make When You Work Crazy Hours – because the hustle is NON. STOP.

Have a lovely weekend, y’all!

xo Jordan

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