Friday Finds.

The 3-day weekend is here!!!!!! I’ll be hangin’ out in LA with no concrete plans, which is pretty much the greatest thing ever. Hope everyone has a great long weekend as we honor those who served and kick off the summer season!

Dancing for Donuts | Friday Finds.

8 Snack Options Healthy Food Pros Actually Eat When Traveling – It’s all about the snacks, y’all.

7 Ways to Support the Women Around You – Women supporting women, forever & always.

The 25 Best Bites in LA for $20 and Under – Y’all know homegirl ain’t got the budget for Nobu!

A Complete Guide to the Most Popular Adaptogens – Still trying to learn more about these! Does anyone else use these?! I just add Maca to my smoothies!

The Best Memorial Day Sales to Shop This Weekend – Because #BabesOnABudget rarely shop unless it’s on sale, amiright? 😉

Coconut Detox Macaroons – These sound like the perfect health(ier) summer cookie!

Be back next week!

xo jordan

Friday Finds.

This Friday I’m comin’ atcha from New York!

Dancing for Donuts | Friday Finds.

I’ve flown in for the weekend for one of my best friends’ weddings up in the mountains here, and it’s so nice to be home for a second! Before we head off to the festivities, I wanted to share my usual roundup with you, and wish all the mamas out there a Happy Mother’s Day! Y’all are incredible.

5 Ways to Use Matcha (Other Than Drinking it) – Let the obsession continue!

10 Dinner Bowls to Try This Week – Everything in bowls always & forever.

Flourless Honey Oat Ricotta Muffins – Wait. Ricotta? In muffins?! I’m sold.

6 Sneaky Ways to Add More Plant-Based Protein to Your Diet – Literally only doing one of these and want to be doing all of them!

25 Amazing No-Equipment Butt Exercises – For those of you on the go, like me! If I’m not jet-lagged AF later I’m definitely doing at least 5 of these…(but also I’ll totally be jet-lagged so nevermind?)

4 Ways to Love Yourself More, Everyday – THESE. All of these.

What is everyone up to this weekend?! Don’t forget to shower the leading ladies in your life with some extra love 🙂

xo Jordan

Friday Finds.

Okay, does it feel like it took slightly longer for us to get to Friday this week, or is it just me?

Dancing for Donuts | Friday Finds.

I’ve had a fairly busy week between work and fitness classes afterwards (I’ve been trying so many new ones, I need to do a recap for you guys soon!), but for some reason I’ve had trouble staying focused since Monday and no amount of caffeine will help. Good thing it’s finally the weekend and the forecast here looks awesome. If you need some light reading, here’s what I’ve come across this week (while procrastinating and/or getting distracted every 5 minutes) that was worth sharing!

12 Simple Trader Joe’s Meal Hacks – Wait, these are genius, though?

Mistakes to Avoid When Making Cauliflower Rice – Since this veg is way too versatile to not take advantage! Plus, bikini season is upon us…

5 Reasons Your Probiotics Aren’t Working and What to Do About it – SOS.

How to Use a Foam Roller to Completely Transform Your Posture & Body – Does anyone else use one of these?! I seriously think I need to jump on the foam roller bandwagon.

10 Gut-Healing Snacks to Buy & Make – These all sound so goooooood!!

Enjoy your weekend!!

xo Jordan

Friday Finds.

Happy Friday from San Francisco!!

Dancing for Donuts | Friday Finds.

I’m so lucky that my company let’s us work remotely every Friday because it makes it so much easier to visit friends in other places! I’m here for the weekend (and in Redwood City) so if you have any recommendations let me know!

20 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life – PLEASE. I seriously need to do all of these asap.

Be Well’s Favorite Pantry Staples for Optimal Health – Such a helpful list!!! Legit printing this out and putting it in my wallet for my next grocery trip.

What 2,000 Calories Looks Like – A serious wakeup call…oof.

Granola Bark – Can. We. Just.

9 Women-Run Podcasts We Should All Be Listening To – We all know how obsessed I am with podcasts these days.

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

xo Jordan

Friday Finds.

Happy Friday, beautiful people!!

Dancing for Donuts | Friday Finds.

The Healthiest Snacks You Can Buy at Trader Joe’s – GIMME. Also, freeze dried fruit is crazy addicting. Wish I didn’t go through an entire bag in 3 and a half minutes but hey…

How 9 Millenial Women Who Make the Same Salary Spend & Save Their MoneyThis. It’s really interesting how people prioritize their spending – everyone has different goals and values, which is important to remember. This is good inspiration for anyone, though!

What the Healthiest People Eat When They Only Have 5 Minutes to Make Dinner – There are some gems in here! I love that none of these are full recipes really, and they’re all healthy & cheap. That’s a win-win in my book!

10 Things to Add to Sunday Meal Prep for Better Lunches – All about that meal prep, yo.

8 Edible Hostess Gifts that Aren’t Booze – SO helpful! It’s always hard to find something when the host (or you!) isn’t super into drinking.

Mindful Ways to Embrace Change (Like Being Kind & Brave) – Really, really love this one!!

Enjoy your weekend 🙂

xo Jordan

Friday Finds.

We made it to Friday guys! Go us.

Dancing for Donuts | Friday Finds.

Here’s what I’ve been reading & loving this week:

12 Ingredients to get you Excited for Spring Cooking – Love that this guide not only takes you through the seasonal produce but recipes to make with them!

5 Ways to Buy a Cheaper Lunch – I’ll take all the tips I can get.

Pineapple Ginger SmoothiePineapple Ginger Smoothie – This sounds SO GOOD.

5 Expert Tips for Being More Present (and Less Anxious – I’m not super into meditation, so these tips are much more my style.

Genius Kitchen Tips to Make Your Life Easier – Why are pineapples and mangos such a pain in the a$$ to cut?!

The 16 Best Exercises for Arm Day – Because summer (aka tank-top season) is around the corner and my bingo wings need some serious help.

The Amazing Beauty That is Kandholhu Island, Maldives – Sometimes looking at pictures of beautiful places and dreaming I can go someday is a great way to take a midday break at work… 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend, y’all! I’ll be up in Northern California for a bachelorette party. Follow along with my trip on Instagram or Snapchat! @jdranks

xo Jordan


Friday Finds.

Cheers to the weekend, y’all!

Dancing for Donuts | Friday Finds.


Golden Milk Chia Pudding – Kind of obsessed with turmeric (like the rest of the world) lately…

Homemade Boozy Gummy Bears – Sign. Me. UP.

How to Snack to Boost Metabolism – Give me alllllll the snacks!

20 Healthy Dinners You Can Meal Prep on Sundays – All. About. That Meal Prep.

3 Genius Ways to Use Your Avocado that Aren’t Toast – Those Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies, tho.

EWG’s Cancer-Defense Diet – This is a good one to keep bookmarked, especially as a reminder that diet & fitness are about so much more than just weight!

10-Minute Abs & Back Workout with Rebecca Louise – I love how fast this workout is, but you feel it! I also loooooove Rebecca Louise – check her out if you haven’t yet!

Have a beautiful weekend 🙂

xo Jordan

Friday Finds.

Hello & Happy Friday!

Today is really my Saturday since I work all day tomorrow, so I had plenty of time to find you guys some awesome links this morning. If you’re in need of some light reading over your coffee, look no further…

Dancing for Donuts | Friday Finds.

The best way to chill a glass of wine – since it’s still 100 degrees here. and the weekend.

5 steps for creating the perfect morning routine – I think we could all use some help in this department…

New fall-flavored foods – I tried those pumpkin spice almonds and all I can say is YES.

10 shortcuts for prepping your favorite fruit – who knew?!

30 things you need to cook in September – since it’s already over in 5 days?!?! ugh.

3 moves for a toned upper body – looooove! & need.

20 DIY Pantry Staples that are even better than store-bought – because who doesn’t want to save money and eat delicious things?!

10 genius ways to use a blender – I still really need to try that cauliflower sauce thing…

Okay that’s all for now. Have wonderful weekends friends!!

xo Jordan

Friday Finds.

Oh goodness, this week went by way too quickly and now we’re heading into the LAST weekend of August. Ugh.

I do have to say that this week made my heart so happy. I had a wonderful birthday (celebrations to be continued for approx. the next 2 weeks, of course) and am feeling like just about the luckiest girl on the planet. I’ll be heading back to the east coast for vacation on Sunday, but before I go I wanted to share with you some fun articles I’ve been reading this week. I can’t wait to show you all the yummy things I’ll be cooking at home while I’m away!

Dancing for Donuts | Eat Cake for Breakfast.

More Baking Basics: Dutch-process & Natural Cocoa Powder – key facts for any baker!

7 Tips to Making the Ultimate To-Do List – so important to stay organized as we head into fall.

10 Sandwich-Free Lunch Ideas for Kids & Grownups – love these! perfect for when you need to switch it up.

Well-Stocked Kitchen: Freezer, Friday & Pantry Staples – the ultimate list. so helpful!

Food Typography Artists – beautiful and delicious. too cool.

Rose Wine Slush Recipe – you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be making this on vacation.

Peanut Butter & Blueberry Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies – oh, and these too.

The Best Way to Quickly Chill a Glass of Wine – because knowledge.

Enjoy your weekend, everybody 🙂

xo Jordan

Friday Finds.

Did this week go by way too quickly, or is it just me? I think I may be in denial that summer is ending soon…

The weather finally cooled down here for a few days, and the foggy marine layer that’s been sticking around until early afternoon has made me unusually happy and calm.

Dancing for Donuts

Anyway, here’s some light reading for your weekend!

the 4 most underused muscles you should be working out – good to know!

the back-to-school guide for grownups – valid for anyone busy though, really.

10 more tips for growing your food blog – great for you bloggers out there (and myself, of course).

do you know how to pronounce these 10 common food words – apparently not! do you?

15 inspiring career books – adding these to my list immediately!

12 ways to enjoy summer peaches before they’re gone – 4 & 5 sound perfect for weekend mornings.

5-minute ab workout – these girls have the best workouts.

salted pretzel nutella fudge milkshake with malted milk whipped cream – because WHAT EVEN.

xo Jordan