Dancing for Donuts | Summer Sips

Summer Sips.

Is it just me or do y’all crave something other than water when it gets to be hot outside?

I’m usually a huge advocate of drinking only water (sometimes with lemon) or tea, but when summer rolls around, I’m always craving something with a little more umph. Often I notice that I look for something to eat, even when I’m not hungry, just because I want to taste some flavor…which is no bueno. Nor is grabbing a high-calorie drink from Starbucks, a can of soda, or even a cocktail (unless it’s happy hour/a weekend, of course). So what’s a gal to do? Create some low-calorie, healthy and refreshing beverages to have on hand!

First up: Iced Tea (duh).

Dancing for Donuts | Summer Sips

This one reminds me of home since my parents love iced tea. It’s so ridiculously easy to make and cheap! I usually boil a tea-pot full of water and pour it over 2 tea bags (you could use 3 to make it stronger if you wanted to). I let it sit in the fridge for a few hours and then add a little stevia once I’m ready to drink it. You could also make sun tea, which requires potentially even less effort: put the tea bags in the water and put it out in the sun. Boom.

#2: Coconut Water

Dancing for Donuts | Summer Sips

Okay I know coconut water has gotten a lot of flack as of late, but it’s still one of my favorite treats. The brand above, C20, is a personal favorite and comes with or without pulp. A lot of people don’t love coconut water, but sometimes diluting it with a bit of regular water to mellow out the sweetness, and then chilling it, makes it taste infinitely better. Plus, it’s found to be more hydrating than regular water, so it’s perfect for after a workout. I also prefer to put mine in a cute glass because I also think that enhances the taste/experience… (:

#3: Sparkling Lemonade

Dancing for Donuts | Summer Sips

So I think I saved the best for last. I recently discovered Hubert’s lemonade (which is super iconic in California), and fell in love. I know how sugary lemonade can be, so buying a diet version helps with that a little bit. Even better though? Diluting it with sparkling lemon water, which makes it taste fancy (let’s be honest) and more refreshing, not to mention that it makes the bottle last even longer! I mix 1 part lemonade to 3 parts sparkling water and make sure it’s ice cold.

Dancing for Donuts | Summer Sips

Drink up, my friends!

xo Jordan

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