Another Incredible Trip to OBX, North Carolina (Photo Diary)

Well, I can’t say I was ready to leave the east coast after a pretty incredible 16 day trip, but I suppose it feels good to be back home.

In case you’re new around here, I’m originally from New York and my family has vacationed to the Outer Banks for (almost) my whole life! My parents have a home down there that they rent out, but they’re actually putting it on the market very soon. This summer was potentially my last time being at that house while it’s still ours…😳

And as sad as that is, boy am I happy I was able to spend a solid two weeks down there! As I mentioned in my last Friday Finds, we had a super fun first week with my brother, sister in law, a bunch of their friends and mine, plus our parents! But, Hurricane Dorian decided to come and keep things interested – the entire island was supposed to evacuate, but we decided to stay and wait it out since we were in one of the most northern towns in OBX! It rained a TON and was very windy, but it was also kind of fun and we didn’t even lose power. We hung out together, watched TV and did a puzzle!

During our second week, I picked up my boyfriend, and his brother & brother’s gf (who I love!!) also came down mid-week. We all had to work most of the day, but we’re still able to sneak away for a couple hours of beach time.

Ovi was in LOVE with the Outer Banks and our home there – he ran and ran on the beach and in our yard and had all the attention from our visitors!

We ate bagels from Lighthouse Bagels

And donuts from (the one of the original) Duck Donuts

Plus Sangria (recipe-ish here)

And ice cream from Big Buck’s – pb chocolate fudge for me!

We made sure to watch the sunsets each night, which just got prettier and prettier…

Drank pistachio coconut lattés from our favorite coffee shop Duck’s Cottage while shopping…

And soaked up the sun.

I’ll keep it short and sweet today (partly for you, I know Mondays are busy, and partly for me because this year feels extra sad😔). I’m going to be spending the day diving back into work, full force, running errands, going back to the spine doctor, and heading to a yoga event this evening. 

I hope you had the best weekend & here’s to a new week, no matter where we are in the world💗

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