Our 2-Week Southeast Asia Itinerary

I’m baaaack!!! And I can’t believe I was gone for two weeks because that FLEW by!

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I spent the majority of February abroad in Southeast Asia with my boyfriend! We had the trip of a friggin’ lifetime and as someone who’s never been to Asia before, I LOVED it. We ate incredible food, saw amazing places, and covered a LOT of ground. While full travel guides for Vietnam and Siem Reap, Cambodia will be coming very soon, I did want to share our overall itinerary because I couldn’t recommend it more!

A couple things to note if you’re thinking of coming to SEA: we specifically chose February because it’s the best middle ground for decent weather without crazy crowds. Hanoi in northern Vietnam was slightly chillier (reminded me of LA in the “winter”) while Hoi An in the center, Siem Reap, and Thailand were all hot like summer. We had incredible weather, except for in Ha Long Bay, which was chilly and rainy during our visit.

Here’s our full itinerary plus a couple things I would change!

Days 1-3: Hanoi

Fly into here first! It’s the perfect starting place and there’s so much to do. We really only had one full day here, but we were able to visit almost everything on our list in that time, including an incredible cooking class, the Temple of Literature and of course, massages.

Days 3-5: Ha Long Bay

We took a three day, two night cruise with Indochina Junk and the *only* thing I would change about this would be be to cut that down to two days, one night if you’re coming during this time of year. We got to see incredible things (full YT vid here!), but would have been 10x better had the weather been better. The cruise itself was incredible, though – amazing service, accommodations and food!

Days 5-6: Back to Hanoi for the Night

Since it takes quite some time to get back from Ha Long Bay (about 4 hours with a pit stop), we didn’t want to risk it with a night flight. We went back to our Hanoi hotel just for the night and then left for Hoi An first thing the next morning.

Days 6-8: Hoi An

You guys I can’t even express to you my obsession for this magical city! It’s the most charming, vibrant, walkable and *affordable* place ever and I didn’t want to leave. But that being said, I felt like 3 full days here was enough to explore, take a basket boat tour through the coconut grove, eat all the food, see the night market, take another cooking class, get more massages, and even get custom clothes made!

*The only thing I would change here is to maybe do one less night on the cruise in Ha Long Bay and spend that extra night in Hoi An so you could day trip up to Da Nang for the Golden Bridge

Days 9-11: Siem Reap, Cambodia

We took a later night flight out of Hoi An to get to Siem Reap the night of our 8th day in SEA! All in all, we spent 3 nights and 2 and a half days there and it was perfect. We took the first full day to tour Angkor Wat (a MUST and pretty much the reason you’d go here) and then the second and third days to relax by the pool at our hotel because it was hot, explore the city and catch up on some work. We flew out of Siem Reap about midday through the 11th day.

Days 11-13: Krabi, Thailand

One of the things I loved most about our itinerary was how we started off with a ton of exploring and ended things relaxing on the beach! Our resort in Krabi was the most beautiful spot to do this and we had almost three full days there – landing late the night of our 11th day and leaving late on the 13th. This was definitely enough time for us, although we totally could’ve spent one more day and gone to another island on a boating trip!

Day 14: Bangkok then Home

To save ourselves an even longer travel day than necessary, plus have some time to see Bangkok, we stayed one night and about a half day here before heading back to the airport to go home to Los Angeles. Part of me wishes maybe we had just gone straight home, but I’m glad we got to see Bangkok, even if it were just for a short while!

And there you have it – our full itinerary with 14 days of destinations and two full travel days to and from the US, adding up to almost exactly a 16 day trip total. If you’ve never been to Southeast Asia before, you HAVE to. It’s like nothing else!

Full travel guides coming soon 🙂

xo Jordan

Photo Diary: Thanksgiving in DC

This year was really one for the books, you guys😍

For the first time, I spent Thanksgiving with my boyfriend and his family in Washington D.C. and it was such a dream! The leaves were still on the trees or on the ground, which was pretty much my favorite thing ever since you know LA doesn’t have any semblance of a fall! It really got me in the holiday spirit and made me SO excited to be spending the rest of 2019 on the east coast😊

We were in DC for an entire week and during our time there, we went on a few hikes – one by Rock Creek Park and one on Billy Goat Trail in a big group the day after Thanksgiving. We drank our favorite coffees from The Coffee Lab and Compass Coffee, ate lots of yummy food (most of which I admittedly did not make aside from some cranberry brie bites!), spent a ton of time with friends/family, and got to explore with Ovi, my favorite part! He LOVED it!!

I also tried my first Barre3 class, made it through the Black Friday madness (my fellow marketers feel me!) and did lots of relaxing. Here are some photos from the week – hope you enjoy!

My parents picked me up in DC on their way home from South Carolina yesterday, so now I am officially in NY until (almost) 2020!!!

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? Where did you spend it?!

xo Jordan

A Weekend at Civana Resort in Arizona

Okay so I drove to Arizona twice in three weeks…how crazy am I😂

I can’t help it, though! Arizona is absolutely STUNNING and when my best friend asked me if I wanted to meet her for a weekend getaway, I knew we had to go to Civana – a new wellness resort just north of Scottsdale. Picture tall cactuses everywhere, mountains as a backdrop and the most relaxing weekend of all time🌵

It’s super easy to get to – just over 6 hours in the car from LA, and my bff flew into Phoenix, which is just a 40 minute drive from Civana. And while it was nice to have a car, we actually didn’t even leave the resort until it was time to checkout! It truly has everything you could ask for including a cute café with coffee and quick bites, sit-down restaurant, bar, pool and hot tub, full gym, non-stop fitness and wellness classes, incredible spa, and spacious rooms.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with fresh juices and wonderful service – everyone there is unbelievably kind and helpful! We then went up to our rooms where we were brought the sweetest welcome gift, a bottle of wine and charcuterie plate! Full disclosure, we were gifted our stay at Civana, but all opinions are truthful and my own, of course!!😊

We spent the rest of the night indulging, catching up and losing track of time – that always happens when we see each other!

In the morning, we slept in a bit and then grabbed coffee before heading out on a walk in the neighborhood. The temperature in the morning is absolutely perfect and even during the afternoon when it warmed up, we were super comfortable! I think fall/winter must be the perfect time to visit.

When we got back to the hotel, we got smoothies at the café and enjoyed them while relaxing poolside until our Athletic Stretch class at 1pm.

I was SO impressed by the class offerings at Civana – they had everything from Aerial Yoga (which we wanted to take but couldn’t get a spot fast enough!) to Boot Camp and Yoga. Sign up sheets for activities go up every day at noon, so get there asap since those spots fill up veryyy quickly! But what’s nice is that most of these classes are built into the cost of your stay, so you really get a bang for your buck.

After class, we went back to the pool for more Vitamin D and lunch. We enjoyed apps including red pepper hummus and broccamole (their specialty!) plus watermelon margaritas. We really lived it up💃🏻💃🏻

The afternoon brought us to the spa – a brand new part of Civana that is unbelievable and easily the nicest spa I’ve ever been to. All guests have access to the spa whether a treatment is booked or not, but I can tell you that it is SO worth the splurge to get one. I had the best facial of my life and Michelle had a massage!

In addition to those, we were able to sit by the spa’s lap pool, dip into the aquatic wellness pools and hot tub, sit in the sauna and steam room, and chill in the relaxtion rooms. There’s one upstairs that we managed to juuuust catch the gorgeous sunset from! That room is massive with an indoor and outdoor area, plus refreshments.

Dinner was at the more formal restaurant, Terras, where the food was exceptional! We started with a scallop crudo, then I had salmon while Michelle had a polenta lasagna. Dessert was coconut sorbet with a chocolate shell. YUM.

The next morning, we woke up early to grab coffee, take advantage of one more class, Hatha Yoga, and grab smoothies/juices to have while packing up. While our stay was brief, I can honestly say that I left feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and so content!

Civana is the perfect place for a girl’s weekend or mother/daughter getaway and I truly can’t wait to go back!

Have you ever been to Arizona or a wellness resort? Either way, Civana is calling your name😉

xo Jordan

LA to AZ Roadtrip! | Travel Journal

I’m BACK! From yet *another* trip😂

I guess you could just say that I’m reallyyy taking advantage of the fact that I can work from anywhere now, coupled with the fact that Jeep offered to loan me the Cherokee so I figured why drive in LA when I can drive somewhere new?!💁🏻

My mom ended up flying out to me last weekend, which was SO nice since my parents aren’t usually out this way. We drove from Los Angeles to Palm Springs, Phoenix, Sedona, Munds Park, Flagstaff and back in just 4 days and lemme tell ya, we had the BEST time. My dad suggested we keep a driving journal, so I think I’ll just go ahead and lay out this blog post that way! Plus, I have a LOT of photos to share with you, and scroll all the way down to watch the YouTube video I made recapping our trip.

Day 1: Palm Springs – Departed LA at 2:30pm, arrive in Palm Springs at 6pm. Traffic was BONKERS and then we ended up having dinner at the Ace Hotel, and Ovi ran around the pool (yep, it’s dog friendly!) while we munched on salad and fish tacos. We stayed the night at the Hyatt in downtown (yep, also dog friendly) where we relaxed, got some work done, and went to bed early. Fun fact: Ovi barely slept, so we didn’t really either – he was obsessed with going into the bathtub to hang out😂

Day 2: Munds Park – Grabbed breakfast downstairs at the pool (SO good) then hit the road by 8:30am. The drive to Phoenix was long and not very exciting, but we got there by 1pm and had lunch with family friends. We also grabbed cookies and cupcakes from A Bakeshop – highly recommend their Ricotta Cookies! 2 more hours up to Munds Park where we got to our suuuper cute Airbnb. We were exhausted and just got takeout BBQ from Agee’s right in “town” – I don’t know if you could even call it that, but MAN is it pretty there.

Day 3: Sedona – Enjoyed coffee at the Airbnb then went out for a hike in Sedona. It’s about a 35 minute drive from Munds Park and it’s a beautiful one with red rock formations. We went for a moderately easy hike at Jordan Trail, then got lunch in town at the dog-friendly Creekside Café complete with a dog menu. The afternoon brought us back home to get some work done/relax, then out to Flagstaff for the early evening to browse. We got cheese, charcuterie, fruit, wine and chocolate from Whole Foods to enjoy back at the house for dinner in and went to bed early.

Day 4: Flagstaff We cleaned up, packed up, then left for a hike just north of Flagstaff at Aspen Corner before hitting the road towards home. Turns out it’s about 35 degrees out there this time of year and we were not prepared😂 I think we lasted about 30 minutes before calling it quits and our hands were numb, but we met these nice girls that had two dogs and Ovi played with one of them for so long! It was a good setup for our 8 hour drive back to LA, but not before a pit stop at Biff’s Bagels for fuel. We arrived back home at about 6pm, got takeout Poké from my local favorite LemonShark, then watched tv before passing back out.

And just like that, it was over. Thank you to Jeep for loaning us the Cherokee for a smooth, comfortable ride and giving us an excuse to go on an epic roadtrip together😊 Watch the recap below and thanks for stopping by!

xo Jordan

Another Incredible Trip to OBX, North Carolina (Photo Diary)

Well, I can’t say I was ready to leave the east coast after a pretty incredible 16 day trip, but I suppose it feels good to be back home.

In case you’re new around here, I’m originally from New York and my family has vacationed to the Outer Banks for (almost) my whole life! My parents have a home down there that they rent out, but they’re actually putting it on the market very soon. This summer was potentially my last time being at that house while it’s still ours…😳

And as sad as that is, boy am I happy I was able to spend a solid two weeks down there! As I mentioned in my last Friday Finds, we had a super fun first week with my brother, sister in law, a bunch of their friends and mine, plus our parents! But, Hurricane Dorian decided to come and keep things interested – the entire island was supposed to evacuate, but we decided to stay and wait it out since we were in one of the most northern towns in OBX! It rained a TON and was very windy, but it was also kind of fun and we didn’t even lose power. We hung out together, watched TV and did a puzzle!

During our second week, I picked up my boyfriend, and his brother & brother’s gf (who I love!!) also came down mid-week. We all had to work most of the day, but we’re still able to sneak away for a couple hours of beach time.

Ovi was in LOVE with the Outer Banks and our home there – he ran and ran on the beach and in our yard and had all the attention from our visitors!

We ate bagels from Lighthouse Bagels

And donuts from (the one of the original) Duck Donuts

Plus Sangria (recipe-ish here)

And ice cream from Big Buck’s – pb chocolate fudge for me!

We made sure to watch the sunsets each night, which just got prettier and prettier…

Drank pistachio coconut lattés from our favorite coffee shop Duck’s Cottage while shopping…

And soaked up the sun.

I’ll keep it short and sweet today (partly for you, I know Mondays are busy, and partly for me because this year feels extra sad😔). I’m going to be spending the day diving back into work, full force, running errands, going back to the spine doctor, and heading to a yoga event this evening. 

I hope you had the best weekend & here’s to a new week, no matter where we are in the world💗

5 Ways I Prioritize My Health While Traveling

I’m just about to close out a 16 day trip on the east coast and while I’m so sad to leave my family, I’m looking forward to getting back to a sense of normalcy! And my kitchen 🙂

As you know, I flew to NY first, then traveled down the coast to my family’s summer home in North Carolina. It’s my happy place! But things always do get a little hectic as we have company in and out, plus this year was even crazier due to a mixup in our dates, my puppy joining us, and a pretty intense hurricane hitting us mid-week!

My schedule is always a bit odd here, but generally consists of waking up on the earlier side, taking time to enjoy my coffee while getting some work done, hitting the beach around 11:30am, coming back around 3pm to shovel in a bunch of snacks, then kicking it by the pool until dinnertime. As you can see, that isn’t exactly my normal routine, and throw my back injury into the mix for an even less-athletic trip than usual.

That all being said, I do try to keep just a few things the same so that I can prioritize my health in between the lounging, bbq and ice cream cones! Here are 5 things I do every single day to keep my body (and mind) on track. Keep reading for the easy way I start my day and the supplements I make sure to take!

Drink my collagen coffee: If there’s one thing I will *always* make room for in my suitcase, it’s my travel collagen packs! I’ll put one in my coffee at the airport, bring them with me to enjoy with a hotel breakfast, or keep by our coffee pot at home so I don’t forget. I love that it adds a little protein boost first thing in the morning and I swear collagen has done so much for my hair, skin and gut health!

Take my Tru Niagen® supplements: I’ve been taking these consistently every day for almost 2 months now (along with my probiotics!), and I’ve been LOVING them. I truly think Tru Niagen has significantly helped with my energy, and I say this because the summer has been pretty hard on me with my back injury and extreme lack of sleep (hello #puppylife). But that being said, I never once felt like I had an afternoon slump or couldn’t stay up until my normal bedtime around 10:30pm.

Tru Niagen is known as a healthy-aging supplement (which is appealing on its own, since I’m 30 now🙈), but it also just improves health at a cellular level to boost cell function and energy, too! Basically, NAD (or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a vital resource found in all living cells and as we age, or do things like overeat/drink alcohol, our NAD levels decrease. Tru Niagen helps boost them back up!

Eat a solid breakfast: Like i mentioned, our meals here can be pretty all over the place depending on what time we actually make it to the beach or what groceries are in the house! Since I’m one of those people that is always worried about when their next meal will be, I like to make sure I have a big breakfast with tons of protein and carbs to fuel me through the morning. Some days that’s a bagel sandwich (my favorite bagel place is down here!), other days it’s an avocado toast and egg kind of situation. Whatever I make, I know it needs to be a bit more filling than the usual green smoothies I have when I’m back in LA, and I try not to worry about the calories. 

Get moving outside: In previous years, I’ve gone to the community gym in our development here almost every morning, but this year is different because of my back and my dog (who I hate to leave behind!). I did go a few times since I’m allowed to do the elliptical and other light cardio, but otherwise I’ve been walking my dog in the neighborhood and on the beach! It’s a nice way to look at all the pretty houses, get my steps in, and enjoy being outdoors. The best was walking him at night so we could watch the pretty sunsets!

Go to sleep early: I’ve pretty much always been this way on any vacation I take, but here I generally go to bed around 10pm! Since I like to rise early and make the most of the days, going to bed early is a huge priority. It’s also so quiet and peaceful here that I’ve had better night sleeps than usual. That might have something to do with being less stressed, too…

And that’s it! I really have no interest in stressing over my eats and exercise (or lack there of), since I’m just trying to enjoy my time in my favorite place. Sometimes I’ll pack a bunch of snacks and try to stick to a routine, but frankly I just had too much in my suitcase to worry this time! I figure if I take my Tru Niagen supplements and do my best, that’s what counts😊 And that’s pretty much my version of “health” no matter where I am.

What about you – do you stay strict on vacation or let it ride? Are you a snack/supplement packer or do you save that stuff for home? If you’re looking for something easy to take with you that’ll help keep your energy up, something I know we could all use more of (especially during travel), I highly recommend Tru Niagen. Learn more about it here and feel free to drop any questions you may have in the comments!!

Thank you to Tru Niagen for sponsoring this post.

5 Reasons to Visit Bear Valley, California

Hey y’all! Did everyone have a good holiday weekend?

We got back last night after spending ours in Northern California with our pup at a friend’s cabin! It was our second time making the drive up there and man, I wish that place was closer. It’s SO beautiful and relaxing up there!!

We were in Bear Valley, California (not to be confused with Big Bear) and it’s funny because as awesome as it is up there, I feel like most people don’t know about it! Or, at least people from the SoCal region. It’s about 6.5 hours north of LA and east of Fresno, although if you go with a puppy, it may take a bit longer😅

Bear Valley and the surrounding towns have so much to offer, so keep on reading if you’re looking for a new place to explore on the west coast!

Bear Valley Mountain – This is probably the most well-known spot in the area because in the winter it draws a pretty decent skiing and snowboarding crowd! I actually came here on New Year’s Eve two and a half years ago and it’s a nice size mountain when the lower part of it is open! In the summer, there’s a ton of hiking and a nearby river you can canoe, kayak or SUP in. This time we hiked down what’s known as a double black diamond trail in the winter and then hiked up a catwalk. It was crazy to see what’s usually covered in feet of snow! And it was HARD. 

Wine Tasting – One thing I wasn’t expecting when we went up north for the weekend was how popular it is to go wine tasting in Murphys, the biggest (and cutest!) town on the way up to Bear Valley. It’s kind of like Santa Barbara in that there are just a bunch of tasting rooms on the main street, so it’s easy to go from one to the next! We consulted some locals and tasted a few bottles, but Hatcher and Aloria are highly recommended. If you go to Hatcher, be sure to grab a loaf of Todd’s freshly made sourdough, too!

Exploring Murphys – Aside from wine tasting, this town has a ton of great eats like V Bistro, Murphys Pourhouse (awesome beer selection and a huge outdoor section, too), and Alchemy, plus cute shops and some seriously tasty ice cream at Joma’s Artisan Ice Cream. If you bring your pup, they’ll even give you a little cup of their famous vanilla for them!! Ovi tried his first ice cream there and needless to say, he was a BIG fan.

Calaveras Big Trees State Park – If you’re looking to spend some time outdoors looking at some of the most beautiful Sequoia trees that ever existed, come here. It’s a huge park, I’ve been twice now and even though we visited two different areas, I’m sure you could come here 50 times and still have things to see. In the northern part, there’s a walking trail that we did during the winter (SO beautiful but very cold!) and this past weekend we did the 5-6 mile (easy) hike in the south part. It’s about $12 per car to enter the park, just fyi, but the beauty you see inside couldn’t be more worth it.

The Overall Vibe – Bear Valley is nothing like Lake Tahoe or Big Bear, it’s far quieter, much less built up, and draws a different type of out-of-towner! There are a ton of people with second homes that come from the Bay Area and from what I can tell, everyone is pretty low key, casual, outdoorsy and friendly. If you have the opportunity, I definitely recommend renting a cabin in the woods so you can enjoy some local wine and cheese on the porch, dip into a hot tub, and cozy up by the fireplace! And don’t forget to grab a fresh pie and/or cider donuts from The Red Apple on your way up😍

I feel like we have so much more to see and I’d love to snowboard on that mountain in the winter again, so I know we’ll be back soon! Where did you spend your holiday weekend?

xo Jordan

Must-Visit Healthy Food & Wellness Spots in NYC


Dancing for Donuts | Must-Visit Health Eating & Wellness Spots in NYC

I am back from one of the most epic, hectic and AMAZING trips to New York that I’ve had since I left in 2011! I initially went for my best friend’s bachelorette, which was an absolute, exhausting blast, and then stayed to see my family and friends!

I met up with some of my incredible blogger babes, caught up with friends from college, and got to visit some places that have been on my list for ages. I also threw an event alongside my friend Alyssa and a company called MyWellBeing, so full recap on that to come soon😊

Until then, I’ve rounded up 7 of my favorite wellness/healthy living spots from my trip and let me tell you guys, I miss them already. NYC is so much more wellness focused than it was when I was in college – it’s crazy! Let’s get into it😍

WTHN – Okay you guys, I finally did it, I got acupuncture for the first time!!! I’m so proud of myself, can you tell😂 I’m not going to lie, I was pretty nervous, but I’m willing to do pretty much anything to ease my back pain at this point. Plus, my friend Alyssa told me this spot was unbelievable, and she was RIGHT.

I actually have their “herbs” at home, which are supplements made with adaptogens, but I’m so glad I got to visit this gorgeous space in person. I think I might do a full post on my experience, but let me just say, this is the perfect place to go in NYC if you’re looking to experience acupuncture for the first time! It’s got the vibe of a super cool spa, they make you feel so comfortable, and the practice itself is super healing. 

Sundays Studio – If you’re looking for a non-toxic mani in the city, you HAVE to go to Sundays!! The ambiance is beautiful, the service is outstanding, and my nails looked SO good. I got a regular manicure with some nail art (so many cute designs and colors!), but they also do non-toxic gel manis, too! Can’t wait to go back here next time I’m in town.

Hu Kitchen – YOU GUYS. Omg I wish I could express to you how much I loved it here😭 I was fully planning on going back at least once more and just ran out of time, but please oh please make a point to go to this healthy food freaking WONDERLAND next time you are in NYC. They have so many insanely delicious options that cater to nearly any diet and their creations taste like actual heaven. I wanted to try one of everything, but I made my own bowl with their pork meatballs, pineapple and broccoli. I also tried their chickpea focaccia which was SO good!

Charley St. – This was my first stop in the city last week for a meetup with some my blogging friends and it did not disappoint! It’s an Australian café, which I know seem to be popping up all over NYC and LA, but you guys. The gluten-free banana muffin and banana bread for to DIE for. They also make a mean oat milk latté and some seriously gorgeous smoothie bowls!

Energi – My friend Alyssa and I actually held an event here last week (blog post on that to come very soon!), but it’s such a stunning space! I’m so grateful that we were able to use it. Energi is a wellness focused co-working space that’s opening very soon, but they actually have a workout studio right upstairs too that’s already open! Some seriously incredible teachers have classes there (that’s something to do next time!), but the cowering space is pretty epic too. Super bright, open, welcoming, and full of energy – pun intended.

Two Hands – Another Australian café (yep, I told you they were on the up and up!), Two Hands is a beautiful spot for breakfast! It’s slightly pricier than Charley St., but worth every penny. The scrambled eggs are ridiculous and they too have banana bread, but the star of theirs it the whipped mascarpone on top. I’m so glad I got to meet my friend Gracie here – you guys might know her as Hungry Blonde but her blog was the first I ever followed back in college😊

Humming Puppy – Not gonna lie, I would legit move into this studio. It is easily the most beautiful place I’ve ever practiced yoga in, but it’s also so much more than that. The entrance alone is magical and there’s coconut water waiting in beautiful mugs for you, but then the studio itself is unlike anything else I’ve stepped foot in. It’s huge and the mats are placed ready and waiting for you in a half circle moving outwards from the center of the room where the teacher stands and each row is tiered slightly higher than the one before it. They keep it dark and there’s an actual constant humming vibration throughout the room during the entire class. I don’t think I’ve ever felt energy like that before🙌🏻

Okay, okay, that one up there ^ is NOT a healthy foodie spot, but if you like donuts and you’re in NYC, you do have to hit up Dough Doughnuts ’cause they’re the size of your head and oh so fluffy😏

Well, there ya have it! Do you have any favorite spots that I missed?! I’m hoping to get back to NYC a bit more frequently now that I don’t have to worry about vacation days, so hit me with your best!

And, of course, have a very Happy Monday!

xo Jordan

Weekend Recap: East Coast Wedding + D.C. Adventures

Hi friends! We’ve got another weekend recap today ’cause your girl has been on the MOVE.

Weekend Recap: East Coast Wedding + D.C. Adventures | Dancing for Donuts

Yep, I went out of town AGAIN. And now maybe you can see part of my motivation for wanting to be my own boss…not enough vacation days😂

It’s a pretty big wedding year for us😂 (I suppose we’re just at that age) and  since we’re both from the east coast originally, it means that a lot of our weddings are out that way, too. The good part (since the 6 hours, cross country flights are definitely NOT the highlight), is getting to spend more time with our families!

Weekend Recap: East Coast Wedding + D.C. Adventures | Dancing for Donuts

We were able to fly into DC on a red eye last Thursday night and stay with Alex’s family the nights before and after the wedding, which was so nice!

Though we spent most of Friday trying to wake up after barely sleeping the night before, we did venture out during the day for a last-minute trip to Sephora, walk through Georgetown and lunch at Leopold’s Kafé. We also went out that night for Sonny’s Pizza and drinks with some of Alex’s friends and brother, but I didn’t actually snap any pics of that…sorry😁

Weekend Recap: East Coast Wedding + D.C. Adventures | Dancing for Donuts

Saturday morning, we picked up our rental car and drove up to Lancaster, PA for the wedding. It was for our friends Will and Justine from b-school at this beautiful venue called The Farm at Eagles Ridge. I didn’t take a ton of photos (sorry for being literally the worst blogger ever this weekend), but I snapped a few! The grounds were stunning, the band was amazing and the cake was AWESOME.

Weekend Recap: East Coast Wedding + D.C. Adventures | Dancing for Donuts

On Sunday, we joined people from the wedding for brunch before heading back to DC. Since the weather wasn’t amazing, we stopped by Union Market for a quick lunch and a treat. Alex’s favorite, and now mine too, is the smoked white fish salad at Neopol.

Weekend Recap: East Coast Wedding + D.C. Adventures | Dancing for Donuts

We shared a bagel with the fish and then a pb & j doughnut from District Doghnut. It was SO hard to choose, they all looked amazing, but I think we made the right choice!

Weekend Recap: East Coast Wedding + D.C. Adventures | Dancing for Donuts

Afterwards, we just hung out at home until Alex had a ton of his family and friends over for Chinese takeout and margs, aka the most fantastic way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo😂  One thing I love about Alex’s family is how welcoming they are – it’s always one big party over there and it’s always so nice to see everyone!! 

Weekend Recap: East Coast Wedding + D.C. Adventures | Dancing for Donuts

For our final day in DC, we actually fit in some exercise at a nearby gym, met some of Alex’s friends for lunch at Glens Garden Market (their salad plate is like $11.50 for a TON of amazing food), and banged out some work.

Weekend Recap: East Coast Wedding + D.C. Adventures | Dancing for Donuts

We were also spoiled enough to get some of our favorite cupcakes from Baked & Wired from Alex’s mom – if you haven’t had them, I swear they’re some of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had…second only to Magnolia Market’s of course!

Weekend Recap: East Coast Wedding + D.C. Adventures | Dancing for Donuts

Also how CUTE is Alex’s dog?! It was his birthday yesterday!! We landed back in LA around 8:30pm, then went home and crashed. It’s safe to say we had a super fun, yet exhausting weekend. It’s always a good time back on the east coast, though😊

Be back soon, once I tackle my very terrifying inbox…thanks for stopping by💗

xo Jordan

Mother/Daughter Weekend in Waco + Austin, Texas!

Been home for less than 24 hours and I already miss Texas…and my mom!

Mother/Daughter Weekend in Waco + Austin, Texas!

This past weekend, my mom and I met for a getaway in Dallas, then drove down to Waco and Austin for the weekend. We started a new tradition last year where each spring we would go on a mother/daughter trip somewhere new and this year we picked Texas…primarily so we could go see Magnolia and the Silos! We are die-hard Fixer Upper Fans 🙂

Mother/Daughter Weekend in Waco + Austin, Texas!

We ended up flying into Dallas (and somehow ended up at different airports…oops!) since it was cheaper than flying into Austin, plus the drive down there passes straight through Waco! We got to Magnolia around 11am on Friday, which I highly recommend doing!

Mother/Daughter Weekend in Waco + Austin, Texas!

I had read so much about how crowded that place can get on weekends and I totally believe it! We took a stroll through the store, which is unbelievably well-decorated and has a ton of incredible and beautiful pieces for the home and affordable prices. They also have merch, so of course I had to get a Texas t-shirt!

Mother/Daughter Weekend in Waco + Austin, Texas!

After shopping, we picked up cupcakes, a cookie and a cinnamon roll from the bakery, popped into the gardening store, and wandered around the grounds (which are so well-done, just so perfectly on point with her style!) until grabbing some lunch at one of the many food trucks.

Mother/Daughter Weekend in Waco + Austin, Texas!

We opted for grilled cheese and ate on the lawn. They have a big patch of fake grass with some bean bag chairs and lawn games. It’s seriously the cutest thing ever! Once we were done, we drove about 5 minutes away to Harp Design Co. – Clint was a regular on the show if you’re a fan too, and his store is also beautiful!

Mother/Daughter Weekend in Waco + Austin, Texas!

Saturday started with an early breakfast in the hotel – we stayed at The Driskill in downtown Austin and I swear it is the prettiest hotel in the city! I feel VERY spoiled, but I guess if you’re going to do a getaway once a year, might as well make it count! We originally were going to go on a hike held by Athleta, but it ended up getting cancelled due to rain. Instead, my mom and I walked along the river for about an hour and a half and somehow only managed to get rained on once!

Mother/Daughter Weekend in Waco + Austin, Texas!

Lunch was at a vegan restaurant called Counter Culture and my friend Helen joined us! We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring South Congress, where there are a ton of cool shops and restaurants like Allen’s Boots (my FAVE) and Amy’s Ice Cream (which we were too full to try this time!).

Mother/Daughter Weekend in Waco + Austin, Texas!

We then went to June’s All Day for an early dinner, some amazing cocktails, and delicious food! I highly recommend the fried chicken sandwich, which we ate too quickly to photograph…👌🏻

We called it a night pretty early, but not without eating the rest of our cupcakes in bed, of course!! I’m telling you, those cupcakes are the BEST I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot of cupcakes in my day! Highly recommend the carrot cake, coconut, and lemon lavender!

Mother/Daughter Weekend in Waco + Austin, Texas!

Sunday morning was when the Athleta hike was supposedly rescheduled for, so we went over to Barton Creek Greenbelt a bit early. We waited a bit and couldn’t seem to find anyone from the store, so we decided to venture out on our own!

Mother/Daughter Weekend in Waco + Austin, Texas!

We ended up walking along the creek, which was absolutely stunning. I had no idea Austin was so lush! I’ve been once before in June, but for some reason it just seemed extra green this time.

Mother/Daughter Weekend in Waco + Austin, Texas!

Post hike/walk, we went to a spot near to our hotel called Modern Eatery for some amazing salads (their prices are great, too!), a latté, and then went back to the hotel to hang out.

Mother/Daughter Weekend in Waco + Austin, Texas!

At about 4pm, we went over to Uncommon Objects, a super famous antique shop in Austin! I went with my friend Nicole the first time I was in Austin a few years ago and knew my mom would love it. They have such interesting stuff and the displays are done so creatively!

Mother/Daughter Weekend in Waco + Austin, Texas!

For dinner, we had reservations at Perla’s on South Congress and you GUYS. I’m 99% positive this was our most memorable meal – the drinks were unreal, the food was to die for and the service was on POINT. If I were to go back to Austin, I would for sure make reservations here again!

Mother/Daughter Weekend in Waco + Austin, Texas!

After that, we pretty much called it a night since we were so fantastically stuffed, but we had to stop one last time at Magnolia on our way back to the airport Monday morning!

Mother/Daughter Weekend in Waco + Austin, Texas!

And there ya have it! If you made it this far, I applaud you😂 There were just so many incredible moments I wanted to share! I really do love Texas and I think it’s an amazing spot to explore with loved ones.

Mother/Daughter Weekend in Waco + Austin, Texas!

I just want to give one quick shoutout to my mom who made the whole weekend possible – I know I am SO lucky to be able to call my mom my best friend and to be able to travel with her💖

xo Jordan

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