Friday Finds.

Greetings from another 100 degree day in sunny California!

I can’t decide if I think this week went by quickly or slowly, but what I do know is that it was busy AF. During weeks like these, catching up on other blogs is part of what keeps me sane. Here are some interesting links I’ve come across from around the web!

Dancing for Donuts | Friday Finds

Checklist for Doing Fall Right – all of these. once the heat wave is over, that is…

How to Peel & Cut a Butternut Squash – YES. Thank you.

Whipped Pumpkin Pie Spice Butter – for all the pumpkin flavored bread, obviously.

32 Ways to Use Chickpeas (That Aren’t Hummus) – because these magical little beans are the BEST.

Total Body Sculpt – a perfect new workout from my favorite Tone It Up ladies.

Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal Energy Balls – literally making these this afternoon.

10 Smart Ways to Use Frozen Broccoli – because who doesn’t want to be smart? and like, healthy.

Immunity Boosting Tips – are you one of those people that always thinks they’re coming down with a cold, too? *guilty*

Enjoy your weekends, friends!!!

xo Jordan

7 Tips for Spiralizing Large Fruits & Vegetables – so helpful! I’m a little sick of zucchini, admittedly.

10 Surprising Facts About Nutella – how interesting!

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