The Little Things #2.

It’s a little late for a Memorial Day Weekend re-cap I suppose, but here are some of the highlights from my life lately!

The long weekend was absolutely glorious, even though I had to work just a little. It started out with me getting a new phone…

Dancing for Donuts | iPhone

Mine was totally crapping out on me, so I splurged. I’m already obsessed with the camera on the 6.

I also caught a free screening of Pitch Perfect 2 – work perks! I really, really liked it, which I’m slightly embarrassed to say. I guess I had low expectations and forgot how much I liked the first one, so I ended up laughing my a$$ off nearly the entire time. I wish Anna Kendrick could be my best friend…


Monday was spent with some of my best friends at Malibu Family Wines. If you’ve never been there and live in the area, I highly recommend it. It’s way up in the mountains and boasts a wine bar, live music (at least they did while I was there!), a field and tables for picnicking, and gorgeous views.

Dancing for Donuts | Malibu Wines

You can bring your own food, and some other groups had really gorgeous spreads, but we decided to go with the Lobos Truck! After a wine flight, we all split a bottle of Brut to go with our lunches because what goes better with burgers and waffle-fry-nachos (aka wachos) than classy sparkling wine?

Dancing for Donuts | Malibu Wines & Lobos Truck

We seriously had the best time and I haven’t felt that relaxed in ages. I can’t wait to go back!

Dancing for Donuts | Malibu Wines

Alright y’all, that’s it for now. This week’s madness is in full force, but I’ll be back soon. T-8 days until school is out for summer but hey, who’s counting?! *me*

xo Jordan

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