A Week’s Worth of Workouts #2

Goooood morning and happy Monday!

Dancing for Donuts | A Week's Worth of Workouts #2

I wanted to do another roundup of my workouts for y’all, and the reason for this is honestly just to keep myself accountable. I planned my workouts early last week and wrote them here, so I knew I had to stick with them! In no way are my workouts meant to be compared to yours or anyone else’s – we are all different and we should be focusing on our fitness in whatever way works for us! As long as it’s fun and you feel good, that’s what counts😉

So overall, this week was definitely heavier on yoga than usual, partly because I’ve found two really wonderful studios nearby that kick my butt and somehow make me feel zen at the same time, and partly because a couple of these classes were planned out ahead of time. Next week I’ll be going back to bar, and hopefully pilates soon (I miss it!) but for the moment I’m actually really loving yoga.

Dancing for Donuts | A Week's Worth of Workouts #2

sports bra / leggings / sneakers

I used to be obsessed with it when I first moved here – I took Hot Power Fusion at CorePower every single morning at 7:15am, but I actually fractured my lumbar spine like 8 years ago and that class made my back pain flare up. I think these days I’m more conscious of what I can and cannot do (no backbends or deep heart openers), so I can work around it. I haven’t had back pain in awhile, so I feel very lucky to be able to do yoga again!

As for the other days, I stopped doing 45 minute cardio sessions when I stopped dancing a year or so ago, which is honestly a relief for me. Instead, I’ll do a max of 30 minutes (unless it’s actually dance which I LOVE) and some toning exercises. I never feel the need to work out for more than an hour and when I’m on my own, 45 minutes can be pushing it sometimes. Luckily we have cable TV in the workout room in our apartment, so sometimes the chance to watch Fixer Upper is all the motivation I need😂

On rest days (usually 1-2 a week), I’ll make sure I go for a walk for at least 45 minutes. Most days I’ll walk during my lunch, but if I can’t step out for 45 minutes at once, I’ll do one shorter walk midday and one shorter walk after work. I’ll listen to one of my favorite podcasts or an audiobook and it’s so relaxing!

Dancing for Donuts | A Week's Worth of Workouts #2

But okay, let’s just get into it…

Monday: We Flow Hard Vinyasa at Y7 Studio with Suja Juice & TreePeople

Tuesday: ~20 minutes on the elliptical (level 5) + the first 20 minutes of this workout video.

Wednesday: OFF (25 minute walk at lunch, 25 minute walk before babysitting)

Thursday: Yoga Sculpt at Red Diamond Yoga

Friday: 20 minutes on the elliptical (level 5) + 15 minute walk on the treadmill (incline: 15, speed: 3.4) + 5-minute ab routine

Saturday: 1.5 hour hike/walk (moderate intensity)

Sunday: Hip Hop Sundays Vinyasa at Y7 Studio (because I absolutely fell in love with this studio on Monday!)

Dancing for Donuts | A Week's Worth of Workouts #2

Alrighty, that’s it for now! Please let me know in the comments which workouts you’ve been loving lately – no two weeks are the same for me and I looooove trying new classes or routines!

Have a wonderful week😊

xo Jordan

9 thoughts on “A Week’s Worth of Workouts #2

  1. Wm. Allen says:

    Well, it looks like your routine is working for you, but for most people they benefit from strength training via weights. And trying a lot of different things (muscle confusion) may be fun, but there is something to be said for a standardized routine so one can see if progress is or is not being made and with periodic changes once progress has stalled

    • dancing for donuts says:

      Love strength training! I do a lot of bodyweight exercises with smaller hand weights and I definitely see results. Thank you for the recommendations!

  2. Aryanna Harrell says:

    I love these posts! They are always super motivating, and I love seeing what people with similar busy schedules do to stay active.

    I’ve been dealing with sciatica for the last few months, so workout options have been limited….but the last few weeks I’ve gotten back into cycling which I love! Cycling, walking and yoga are my go-to’s.

    I want to start incorporating more strength training into my routine and just joined a new gym, so it’s on my list! Thanks for sharing- you look amazing 🙂


    • dancing for donuts says:

      omg thank you for saying that, i was so self-conscious to post these photos😭❤️ i still haven’t done cycling but maybe i need to try it…i always see you doing it and have heard good things!!

  3. Mile High Dreamers says:

    Umm girl, you look AMAZING. So clearly what you’re doing is working pretty damn well haha. I LOVE how much variety you have! I am so spazzy that I constantly need to switch things up or I get bored and then less motivated to do my workouts. Plus, cross training is the best thing you can do to stay well rounded and not overwork one body part. Ben and I have been saying we NEED to get back into yoga. I love a class that makes me feel like I’ve gotten my butt kicked, but also chilled the f out at the same time. You’re motivating me to go back!
    Thanks for the inspo lady!

    Susie | http://milehighdreamers.com

    • dancing for donuts says:

      you just made my heart so happy – thank you for saying that! i’ve been super self-conscious about my body but reminding myself that i’m doing workouts i love has helped a little! and i’m telling you, i was nooooot a yoga girl but lately there’s something about it that i love. maybe as i get older i can appreciate the slowness of it😂

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