Back to Back.

So let’s be real. As much as I would like to spend hours in the kitchen whipping up a new recipe every other day and plating it to perfection, I have about 2.7 million other responsibilities. 80% of the time I’m going straight from one thing to another whether it’s from work to a shoot or rehearsal to class. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from constantly being on the move, it’s that packing your food to go can save you not only money but also time and calories. You’ll know exactly what’s in your food and won’t have to wait on crazy lunch lines at the cafe down the street. Not to mention your wallet will seriously thank you.

Tip #1: Invest in a good lunchbox like this one. I use mine just about everyday and if you get an ice pack too, you’ll be in good shape for hours!

Dancing for Donuts | Lunch Bag

Tip #2: Buy all the tupperware. Without it, you can’t really bring anything but what can fit in ziploc bags…but hey, buy those, too. Tupperware (or mason jars) make it easiest to bring healthy things like salad and quinoa. Plus, they’re easy to pop in the microwave for hot foods, and that saves dishes/paper!

Dancing for Donuts | Quinoa To Go

Tip #3: Pack a variety. I know myself and my raging sweet tooth will simply just not go without dessert or something sweet after lunch/dinner. Instead of picking up ice cream or candy on the way home from wherever, just pack a little granola bar or piece of fruit! That way you’ll have something more to munch on if your main meal didn’t cut it.

Dancing for Donuts | Back to Back

I hope these ideas inspire you to bring your lunch or dinner with you next time! I know that I myself will be packing a ton of meals to go this week since I start my internship tomorrow while I’m still in school and rehearsing for a big charity event. Life is craaaaazy right now so forgive me if I can’t post for a few days! Have a great week, ya’ll 🙂

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