Happy International Women’s Day!

LADIES. Today is our day.


If you know me at all, you know I am such a believer in women and equality and empowerment and collaboration. I never thought of myself as a ‘feminist,’ but you know what? I totally am. I’m proud to be a woman, to stand with other women, and own all that we are. This world would literally not exist without us, so WHO RUN THE WORLD? We do.

ps. How amazing is that sweatshirt?! You can find it here – I’m obsessed.

Dancing for Donuts | International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day to all the women I look up to and the women that inspire me every single day to chase my dreams, achieve all the things a man can achieve, and more. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by strong women (like my mom, my cousin Heather, my female coworkers, my very best friends, fellow dancers and bloggers). I hope you celebrate yourself today and those you love. We rise by lifting others and together we WILL create change.

Dancing for Donuts | International Women's Day

I wrote a piece about my experience in the workforce as a woman over on ToBox, and I truly hope all of you get to read it. I think my favorite thing in the whole article is this:

“We live in a pretty incredible time where women are speaking up more than they have in decades, and social media has the power to bring us together and make our voices heard at a volume unmatched in history. Instead of being the women that have to act like men in order to succeed, I think it’s time we start owning the qualities that make us women: our compassion, perseverance, adaptability, and tenacity. “

Dancing for Donuts | International Women's Day

To all the amazing women I know: thank you for inspiring me every single day and I hope you recognize your power in this world.

Dancing for Donuts | International Women's Day

xo Jordan



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