Friday Finds

Happy National Green Juice Day, friends! Yes, it is apparently a thing and yes, I am laughing at myself as I write this…

Dancing for Donuts | Friday Finds | National Green Juice Day with Suja

What can I say? I’ve fully embraced the LA millenial that was always inside me…😅

Okay anywayyyyyy it is Friday (obvs) and this week has been one of those weeks where my life literally changes by the hour. It has been a MADHOUSE. But it’s all good things and I cannot wait til I can share them on here with you!

In the meantime, here’s what I’ve been reading…

Banana Oat Weekday Pancakes – Yum yum YUM. I’m a sucker for banana pancakes (Jack Johnson, anyone?)

How to Save Money on Groceries – This is one I wrote for ToBox, but I hiiiighly recommend some of these tips. They’ve changed my food budget drastically!

Comforting Chicken Tortellini Soup – You’re going to laugh at me, but it’s been “cold” here in LA lately, so soup has been on the brain. I loooove chicken noodle, but tortellini is even better😍

10 Tips to Help You Sleep Better Tonight and Always – Definitely need to work on that not drinking 2 hours before bed thing…

The Best Grocery Hacks for Better Meal-Planning – I swear, everything on The Kitchn just speaks to me. MEAL-PREP FOREVER.

Tips for Making Healthier Cocktails – Why yes, don’t mind if I do… *sips fancy kombucha cocktail with one pinky up*

Alright lovers, that’s it for today! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and I’ll catch you next week!

xo Jordan

6 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. Mile High Dreamers says:

    Yay Friday Finds! Those banana pancakes look deeeeelish. Okay fine, ALL pancakes are winners in my book. But still. YUM.
    And shopping in bulk bins has helped us save SO much money! Especially when it comes to nuts and seeds.
    Of course there’s a green juice day haha. I think everyone in Boulder was probably observing it.
    Happy weekend lady!

    Susie |

    • dancing for donuts says:

      When I found out about the green juice day thing, I was like UGH so LA. And Boulder though, for sure…haha – hope your week is awesome so far!!!!

  2. Rachel Ginz says:

    Love me some green juice!! Can’t believe I missed green juice day.
    Also meal prepping is seriously the one “life hack” that will keep me sane. Like, if all else fails, it’ll be a decent week if I meal prepped.

    • dancing for donuts says:

      It’s okay, everyday is green juice day 😉 And I’m so with you – if I know I at least have my lunch prepped I feel so much better!!

  3. maureengetsreal says:

    Love the tips in that grocery article! I wish my store had better bulk bins but oh well. Now I wish I checked there for oats before I bought the can of them.
    That chicken soup looks delicious! Who doesn’t love tortellini to begin with? But adding it to soup seems like an amazing idea.

    • dancing for donuts says:

      I’ve added tortellini to tomato soup before and it was SO good!!! And I’m with you on the bulk bins – some stores have better ones than others! Whole Foods & Sprouts are my favorites 🙂

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