Weekend Recap: How I Celebrated My 30th Birthday

Sooooo I’m 30 now…that’s fun!

To be honest, I feel like I’ve been 30 for years😂 My brother actually called me while I was unloading groceries out of my car and he goes, “welcome to adulthood, although you’ve pretty much been here for awhile…” – ain’t that the truth!

I did the party/drinking/fun thing in my early 20’s and haven’t don’t anything like that in ages. Some people might think that’s lame, but for me, the perfect birthday is relaxing with close friends/family/my pup, eating good food, and treating myself! That’s exactly what this weekend ended up looking like, and it was lovely😊

We kicked the weekend off Friday night by meeting up with friends at a wine bar in West Hollywood that’s dog friendly! It was SO cool – it’s called the Blending Lab and basically you can just do regular wine tastings (which are delicious) or blend up your own varietal! They have classes there, so that could be fun for next time. The only thing is that they don’t have food, but we ended up ordering pizzas and it was amazing!

Saturday morning, I met my friend Pam for the LA Magazine FIT LA Day in Santa Monica! It started with a class outdoors with the Studio MDR (which I modified a LOT), and then continued with a full and beautiful brunch spread, cocktails, a place to make your own lip scrub, get mini spa/facial treatments or touch up your brows, and even CBD samples! It was SO fun.

We then went back to Pam’s to bake the first half of the epic birthday cake she made me! We did a grasshopper chocolate cake with a bit of mint using a Cake By Courtney mix. I’ll just share a photo of that here because let me tell you, the fact that Pam made this and it wasn’t from an actual bakery still blows my mind!!

Saturday night was when we really celebrated and Alex took me to Elephanté, a pretty trendy restaurant that I’ve been dying to go to for ages!! The food farrrrr exceeded my expectations (if you go, please get the whipped eggplant and cacio e pepé!) but the views were even better. It was beautiful😍

We couldn’t wait to get home to our fur baby and dig into the most delicious cake my cousin Heather sent over from Ample Hills Creamery!! And yes, I’ve had two cakes all weekend and will continue to eat them until I leave for the east coast later this week😂 It’s my bday and I’ll eat cake 3x a day if I want to!!

Sunday morning was everything I could’ve asked for and more – Alex surprised me with a Theragun (since he knows how much pain I’ve been in with my back!) and we took Ovi for a walk on the beach. We grabbed our favorite “Salty Dog” coffees and a breakfast burrito from Dogtown Coffee, then watched our floof experience sand for the first time!! It was the CUTEST.

The rest of the day brought me over to my friend Alysia’s to sit by the pool with some of my other friends while snacking, enjoying and relaxing! She made an epic cheese plate, I went overboard with the Trader Joe’s snacks, and then we had Pam’s cake – it was a delicious day!!

My friend Connor came over for a bit in the early evening, and the rest of the night was just spent relaxing and watching some TV with my little family❤️

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday – I felt so overwhelmed with love and joy and I feel like this next decade is going to bring the most incredible adventures. I can’t wait! And I appreciate you being part of the journey with me😊

xo Jordan

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