A Not-So-Typical Day in the Life

I’ve second-guessed what day it is at least 6 times this week, it’s fine…😂

This week is kind of odd for me since I’m actually heading out of town for my best friend’s wedding Thursday morning. And I’m writing this post on Tuesday night, the 5th, because I’m just having a moment where I feel super freaking grateful for the life I’m living…do you ever get that way? Don’t get me wrong, things are so far from perfect right now, but today was one of those days where I felt like I was moving in the right direction. So I want to share it with you!

So everyday (including today) I wake up between 6:30 and 7am and let my pup out! I start work pretty much right away, which I know isn’t great wellness wise, but since I’m on California time, that means I’m already 3 hours behind everyone else on the west coast. In other words, I have extra catching up to do on social platforms and emails. Luckily all my clients right now are on PST too, but they all are early risers so we get stuff done first thing!

After doing some work, drinking my collagen coffee, posting this recipe on Instagram, and getting all ready for the day, I went up to an event in Bel Air with Peach & Lily, a non-toxic Korean skincare company that I am now obsessed with!!

I literally have no idea how they found me, it was a super small, suuuuper fancy event at a mansion with all these big time influencers, but it was easily the nicest event I’ve ever been to. It was nuts🙈

I learned so much about their products, too – everything is 100% worry free (meaning allergen and toxin free) and they work with an in-house toxicologist to develop them, too. He was actually there explaining more about the ingredients, which was really interesting! I actually used to work at a skincare company, so I looooove that stuff.

Once I got home, I made myself an iced coffee (I know, I’m addicted), some snacks, and got back to business…with some Ovi playtime in between, of course. Since he can’t go out on walks yet, he gets soooo much energy after I pen him in while I’m gone!

If you guys don’t know, my main job is being a social media consultant to women-owned and run businesses through my company DFD Creative, and my responsibilities/deliverables with each client can vary quite a bit, so everyday is different. This week I’m focusing on content creation and influencer outreach, for the most part! It’s fun😊

And since I’m not working out right now because of my back (I’m dealing with pretty severe pain that not even the spine specialist can figure out😑), I decided to go to a new infrared sauna to see if that would help! I’m not sure if my muscles feel any better, they’re unbelievably tight, but it was suuuuper relaxing. Maybe someday I’ll have one of those in my non-existent house…

Once I got home, I finished up my outstanding work for the day, ordered a salad from Sweetgreen since we’re low on groceries, and sat down to write this post!

I know nothing too crazy happened today, but I just feel very lucky to have a job with flexibility, creativity, and excitement. Is this what I’d pictured for myself 10 years ago? No, not even 5 years ago, but it’s pretty damn great.

So thanks for being here, I appreciate you always❤️

xo Jordan

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