Weekend Recap: Celebrating 8 Years in LA

Guys, I’ve officially been an LA resident for EIGHT YEARS. How nuts is that?

And even more nuts is the fact that I’ve pretty much been blogging (however embarrassingly so) since then. If you’ve been a long-time reader, I appreciate you❤️ I really feel like I’ve lived about 9 lives here already – life as a lost 20-something after college, a dancer, a hand model, a business school student, a marketing professional, and now, we’re here!

Today I can say with confidence that I am a business owner, social media consultant, and healthy living blogger, and that feels pretty rad.😊 In all honesty, I didn’t actually plan a celebration for this milestone, but the whole weekend spent adventuring in my city felt like one, anyway!

Weekend Recap: Celebrating 8 Years in LA | Dancing for Donuts

I kicked off the weekend with a gloomy Saturday morning clean up sesh (bless you Marie Kondo for inspiring us to de-clutter) because we are getting a PUPPY! Yep, a little pupper to be my buddy since I work from home and Alex travels a bit. I figured we should get our sh*t together before we add more dog toys and another living thing into the mix!

Weekend Recap: Celebrating 8 Years in LA | Dancing for Donuts

After putting about 9 bags together to give away, we headed to Venice Beach where Beach Now had so kindly set up a bunch of chairs, umbrellas, games, towels and refreshments for us! It was a little chilly (June Gloom is very much a thing here!), but we had so much and I was happy the sun came out.

Weekend Recap: Celebrating 8 Years in LA | Dancing for Donuts

Saturday night we ordered Thai takeout and binged the first 4 available episode of Handmaid’s Tale. If you’re not watching it, you have to start NOW. I promise you won’t be disappointed, we’re obsessed with it!! I love how it’s about female empowerment, despite all the awful things that happen in it.

On Sunday, my sweet friend Emily drove all the way up from Orange County to spend the day with me! We kicked off our morning with coffee from Coffee Commissary (one of my favorite coffee shops here!) before doing a free workout with my friends Keely and Rachel through Athleta! I don’t know if this the case for all stores, but at least near me, Athleta holds free classes about once a week that their ambassadors teach!

Post workout, we went to Bluestone Lane for brunch and shoveled it in SO HARD. I love that place – the people are nice, the food is fresh, and it’s a nice ambiance!

Since we obviously couldn’t just stop there, we went to try a new place for some soft serve! Lucky for me, Emily likes treats so we went to Bumsan for some incredible organic ice cream. I got the matcha and milk, and Emily got the choclate and salted caramel. We were able to try all the flavors and let me tell you, I WILL be back soon😍

The rest of the day was just spent getting more organized, heading to TJ’s for some groceries, and watching some more TV before calling it quits for the weekend. We grilled up brats, some romaine (new favorite thing to grill!), peppers and onions and had Spanakopita on the side! Needless to say, it was a decadent weekend😂

What did you guys do? Was the weather nice for you?!

xo Jordan

Weekend Recap: 24 Hours in San Diego.

Helloooooo party people! Did everyone have a good weekend? I hope so!!

My dad came into town Saturday morning for conference in San Diego, so I picked him up at LAX before we grabbed lunch and headed south! I wanted to show him the neighborhood I work in and then took him to Hot’s KitchenHot’s Kitchen in Hermosa for some grub. Their tacos are THE best. If you’re ever in the area, go go go.

Dancing for Donuts | Weekend Recap: 24 Hours in San Diego.

Our drive to SD took a bit longer than we had expected (ohhhh LA traffic), so we didn’t make it to the zoo like we wanted to, but that was okay! We checked into the hotel (the Grand Hyatt) and rested for a few before we walked over to dinner.

IMG_8932 (1)

My dad had read an article about Ironside Fish & Oyster, so we made a reservation there a few weeks ago. Let me just tell you, this place is a MUST. Like literally do not skip this one if you’re in San Diego, I can’t say enough wonderful things.

Dancing for Donuts | Weekend Recap: 24 Hours in San Diego.

We started 2 delicious drinks, green lip mussels (YUM) and their famous octopus & chorizo appetizer. For dinner, we both had two delicious fish filets, mine was Escolar and dad’s was Thresher, with lemon butter and a side of greens.

Dancing for Donuts | Weekend Recap: 24 Hours in San Diego.

We also ordered the charred broccolini and romanesco with mint pistachio pesto on the side. So freakin’ delicious. We were obviously super stuffed after dinner, but couldn’t pass up their new panna cotta dessert with angel food cake, rhubarb, and strawberry ice cream. UNREAL. Then, Sunday morning we woke up early and ventured out to Coronado Del Mar.


I don’t know about you, but I had literally never heard of this place and apparently Walt Disney modeled off one of the famous hotels at Disneyland after the Hotel del Coronado. So, obviously, we had to go see it and it turned out they were doing a Sunday brunch buffet (aka the DREAM).

Dancing for Donuts | Weekend Recap: 24 Hours in San Diego.

After stuffing our faces with insanely good omelettes, fruit, pastries, fresh juice and coffee, we walked for about 3 miles on the beach. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect – sun and a slight breeze.

Dancing for Donuts | Weekend Recap: 24 Hours in San Diego.

Apparently the beach by the hotel is also ranked #7 in the country or something and for good reason! I wish I had brought a swimsuit and had more time, but I’m hoping to go back very soon!

Dancing for Donuts | Weekend Recap: 24 Hours in San Diego.

I had to head back to LA in the early afternoon since the traffic was already building, but spending 24 hours with my dad was the best. My parents don’t come out west very often, so when they do it feels extra special 🙂

Dancing for Donuts | Weekend Recap: 24 Hours in San Diego.

Hope your Monday is short and your coffee is strong. Be back soon!

xo Jordan

The Little Things #3.

Oh, hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend – I know I did! It was waaaaay too hard to get back to real life this morning. Here are some of the things making me happy this week…

Getting to spend time with my brother! He’s here from NY from work, but we were able to hang out all weekend. We snuck in a hike to the Griffith Observatory to see the views of LA, but only found fog instead…It was still fun, though 🙂


  After our hike, we grabbed some brunch (which was so delicious I forgot to photograph it before quickly shoveling it in…) and then did more exploring! Echo Park Lake is so beautiful. I need to have a picnic down there soon.


Other than my weekend adventures, I’ve been enjoying some summer eats. Like this fro-yo, which had way too many toppings to be remotely nutritious.


And I discovered Hubert’s Lemonade – finally! This stuff is incredible and so refreshing. I only tried the watermelon flavor, which was a tiny bit sweet, but I bet it would be even better mixed with some sparkling water.


Plus some fruit! Mangoes have been on sale, thank goodness. They’re one of my favorite fruits but they’re usually too expensive. Luckily I’ve been able to stock up!

Dancing for Donuts | Summer Fruit

That’s all for now, friends. I’ll be back later this week with some more healthy recipes and fun things 😉

xo Jordan