Annual Family Ski Trip in Colorado (Photo Diary!)

Hey y’all! I’m back with a super quick recap from Colorado today in case you’re looking for some winter wonderland inspo (and aren’t totally sick of seeing snow yet😂)!

Every year, my family goes to Breckenridge for our family ski trip and it’s one of my absolute favorite places EVER. We’ve been going to Colorado since I was 5 or so and even though I first learned how to ski, I now snowboard! I did have to work a bit while I was there (since being an entrepreneur means no paid vaca😅), but I had plenty of fun and did some relaxing, too!

We got to see the qualifying rounds for the Burton U.S. Open in Vail, visited the Ice Castles in Dillon, and ate some incredible food. Keep on scrollin’ for photos from my favorite moments!

Breakfast at home – apple bread french toast with greek yogurt, mashed blackberries and banana
Dancing for Donuts | Annual Family Ski Trip in Colorado
Me, mom and dad at the top of Peak 6!
Dancing for Donuts | Annual Family Ski Trip in Colorado
They have Christmas lights in town pretty much all year ’round, I think😍
Dancing for Donuts | Annual Family Ski Trip in Colorado
If you’re looking for breakfast in Breck, you HAVE to go to
Columbine Café
Before heading down into the bowls at Vail – the snow was incredible all week!
Dancing for Donuts | Annual Family Ski Trip in Colorado
Half coffee/half hot cocoa – with whipped cream, of course!
Dancing for Donuts | Annual Family Ski Trip in Colorado
What is it about snow covered mountains that’s just so dang beautiful!?
The Ice Castles are a must-see if you’re in the area. There’s a slide made of ice that’s so fun to go down – I felt like a little kid!
Dancing for Donuts | Annual Family Ski Trip in Colorado
^ hi dustin!
Breakfast sandwiches from Clint’s in town – another favorite spot of ours! They have incredible coffee and pastries, too.
Dancing for Donuts | Annual Family Ski Trip in Colorado
Capturing the sunset!
Dancing for Donuts | Annual Family Ski Trip in Colorado
The Burton U.S. Open! It was our second time getting to see it and these guys blew my MIND. I’ll never be that cool…
Dancing for Donuts | Annual Family Ski Trip in Colorado

That’s all for now! This week is busy because I’ll be working the Natural Products Expo down in Orange County for 3 full days and a ton of my foodie/wellness friends are in town, so I might be checking out until the next one. Thanks for bearing with me😊

xo Jordan

Colorado Recap + Vlog!

Hi friends! It’s been a minute, huh?

Dancing for Donuts | Colorado Recap + Vlog!

I’ve been back from Colorado since late last week, but getting back into the swing of things took it out of me and to be honest, I had a small case of the post-vaca blues. It happens to me every time! I think I just had such an amazing time with my parents that coming back to LA and work felt so anticlimactic…but in any case, I made a short vlog about my trip so y’all can see it! I also just really like the thought of documenting moments with video for myself so that I can look back on them in a few months or years. It’s nice to see things in action, so you can find that at the bottom of this post!

As you’ll learn in the video, I’ve been going to Colorado for my family’s annual ski trip since I was about five years old. I grew up learning to ski in Keystone and then started snowboarding in 7th grade since my brother was doing it and that meant it was the coolest thing ever. Turns out, I still think it is😏 We now stay in Breckenridge because the town is so stinkin’ cute and the food is unbeatable. I also love the mountain (Peak 7 is where it’s at, in my opinion!), but we usually venture to Beaver Creek or Vail once during our vacation, as well.

Dancing for Donuts | Colorado Recap + Vlog!

This time around, we actually spent one day in Boulder walking around, shopping, and grabbing some bites (it’s my FAVORITE town in Colorado. I hope to live there someday!) and then went up to the mountains on the second day. Though my trip only lasted 5 days, I wanted to share some of my foodie recommendations for Boulder and Breck, in case you find yourself there someday! I really hope you do because they are two really incredible places with so much to do. And as I mentioned earlier, you can catch my vlog at the end of this post if you’re more of a video person! It’s only 3 and a half minutes long, so I promise it won’t take up too much of your time😉

Dancing for Donuts | Colorado Recap + Vlog!


Brasserie Ten Ten – Hands down my favorite restaurant in Boulder. When my mom lived there we’d go here allllll the time. They have such a variety of delicious food for breakfast, lunch or dinner and the price points are fantastic!

Jax – Best. Seafood. Eva. Seriously though, this place has a meaaaaan happy hour with incredible oysters, calamari, and drinks! They have incredible service, too – it was my dad’s bday and they brought over desserts without us asking. So sweet!!

The Buff – Another old favorite, the Buff has an insaaaaane breakfast. I’ve gotten the omelettes and skillets before, but literally everything on the menu looks B.O.M.B.

Dancing for Donuts | Colorado Recap + Vlog!


Clint’s Bakery – Our favorite place in town for coffee and breakfast on-the-go! Their pastries look absurd, but we usually go for the bagel or wrap breakfast sandwiches before heading out to another mountain for the day!

Hearthstone – This one’s on the fancier side with reservations defffinitely recommended. We’ve been coming here as long as I can remember and it never disappoints!

Twist – *Pictured above! To say this place has the greatest happy hour on earth is not an exaggeration. Their food is so unique and the menu is always changing with new innovations and flavors. Our favorites this time were the philly cheese steak egg rolls and smoked ham mac n’cheese. Come hungry!

The Canteen – We finally tried this place this year (after hearing good things from locals!) and you GUYS. You have to go here. They smoke their own meat and UGH is it good. We had the wings to start and I’m still dreaming about them a week later. My dad got the brisket and that was awesome, too. Highly recommend!

Giampietro Pasta & Pizzeria – Three words: white clam pizza. They only have it on Mondays, so be sure to plan your entire week around it, but if that’s not your jam/you’re not there on a Monday, allllll of their food is amazing. Authentic, hearty, delicious Italian food!

Columbine Café – Our favorite sit-down breakfast place in town! Be sure to get there early or you might have to wait (but it’s worth it) and don’t skip the biscuits – they’re a must!

Breckenridge Tap House – So this place actually used to be called Oscar’s up until this year and we thought it closed, but it just changed names! They have awesome tacos and sides, plus the margaritas are good😉

Thanks for reading/watching!! Let me know in the comments if you ski/snowboard or have been to Breck – we can bond over our love of winter sports and beautiful Colorado!

xo Jordan