I’ve Been a Dog Mom for 6 Months and Here’s What I’ve Learned

Hey y’all! This post is all about being a dog mom ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿพ

We picked up our aussiedoodle pup on June 29th when he was just under 8 weeks old and now he’s almost 9 months! Time FLIES. I filmed a video alllll about what we experienced in terms of training/food/treats/time management/budgeting/etc., but I wanted to go through some of it here too, in case you’re not a video person!

I will also say that we did get our dog through a breeder for the sole reason that we needed a hypoallergenic dog (my bf is allergic to dogs that shed) and it was VERY difficult to find one to rescue here in LA. If you’d like our breeder’s info, she was absolutely fantastic and so unbelievably helpful – her name is Terah!

Find the video below and keep scrollin’ for all the links to what we love for Ovi!

TRAINING: Here’s the grass pad we used and crate we used! I think both are essential!! When Ovi was good with the pad inside, we started using bells on our door to train him to go outside. He always uses it to let us know when he has to go out! We also did a lot of clicker training – you can search things on YouTube to help you, there are lots of videos all about it!

FOOD: I would absolutely just ask your vet what they recommend because every dog/breed is different, but we mainly feed Ovi NutriSource. We also get Farmer’s Dog when we can – their food is a little pricey, but I feel good about giving it to Ovi since it’s super fresh, so we’ll get it when we can and mix it with the dry food so we don’t go through it as quickly.

TOYS/TEETHING: When he was teething, we would wet a washcloth then put it in the freezer, or put peanut butter in a kong toy and then freeze that because otherwise he eats the peanut butter in 2 seconds๐Ÿ˜‚ Ovi destroys anything and everything, so we try to splurge for the more durable toys when we can (Orvis makes great ones!) and rope toys are great for tug of war plus they won’t break! We also loooove the Bark Box toys but they’re definitely destructible. We also love giving Ovi frozen carrots and he LOVES his antler, hooves, stink-free bully sticks, and himalayan yak chews.

BUDGETING: I’m not going to lie to you, having any kind of animal is definitely an expense. If I had to guess, we spend about $200 a month on dog bags, food, treats, and toys (which Ovi always destroys without fail) and that doesn’t include our BarkBox or the occasional box of Farmer’s Dog. It’ll be more in the beginning since you’re buying everything else you’ll need (the pee pads, crate, brushes, toothbrushes, bowls, etc.

Vet appointments aren’t honestly too pricey (probably about $75 a visit, depending what you’re doing ie. vaccinations, bloodwork, etc.) and luckily we haven’t had to go too often. Grooming was shockingly expensive to me, about $100 a haircut! And Ovi needs them often. The most expensive thing hands down is care/boarding. Luckily I’m home to walk him, but when we travel, it really adds up!

^ that picture always cracks me up – it’s from when Ovi’s nails were SO sharp as a puppy in the summer and I’d constantly have to put sweatpants on to keep his nails from scratching me๐Ÿ˜‚

Anyway, I’m sure I left SO much out, but if you have any questions please feel free to ask me anytime! Us dog parents gotta stick together๐Ÿ˜‰

xo Jordan