Friday Finds.

Wait, it’s Friday already?!

This week absolutely flew by for me, and I ain’t mad about it. I had two super fun fitness events this week after crazy busy days at work, so that might have something to do with it! It’s safe to say I’m happy it’s the weekend, though 🙂

Dancing for Donuts | Friday Finds.

Here’s what I’ve found across the web this week. Have you come across anything noteworthy? Let me know in the comments!

Matcha Mojitos – WAIT. What?! Give me allllll the matcha!

The Reasons it’s Important to Have Multiple Streams of Income – Yes, yes, YES. I’ve been saying this for years and I’ll continue to do so because this advice is the JAM.

10 Things I Buy from Trader Joe’s for No-Cook Dinners – A must because 1) it’s hot AF rn and spending time in front of a stove or oven is hell. and 2) ain’t nobody got time for that.

4 Insanely Effective Ways to Sharpen Your Focus When You HAVE to Get Sh*t Done – Does anyone else have trouble focusing in the summer?! It’s hard not to think about being at the beach or on vacation when you’re stuck at your desk, y’know?

26 Things to Do This Summer – In case you haven’t gotten a chance to make a summer bucket list yet!

4th of July Chia Pudding – Since it doesn’t hurt to start planning your holiday menu early 😉


That’s all for today, friends. Hope everyone has a wonderful summer weekend!

xo Jordan

Friday Finds.

The 3-day weekend is here!!!!!! I’ll be hangin’ out in LA with no concrete plans, which is pretty much the greatest thing ever. Hope everyone has a great long weekend as we honor those who served and kick off the summer season!

Dancing for Donuts | Friday Finds.

8 Snack Options Healthy Food Pros Actually Eat When Traveling – It’s all about the snacks, y’all.

7 Ways to Support the Women Around You – Women supporting women, forever & always.

The 25 Best Bites in LA for $20 and Under – Y’all know homegirl ain’t got the budget for Nobu!

A Complete Guide to the Most Popular Adaptogens – Still trying to learn more about these! Does anyone else use these?! I just add Maca to my smoothies!

The Best Memorial Day Sales to Shop This Weekend – Because #BabesOnABudget rarely shop unless it’s on sale, amiright? 😉

Coconut Detox Macaroons – These sound like the perfect health(ier) summer cookie!

Be back next week!

xo jordan

Friday Finds.

This Friday I’m comin’ atcha from New York!

Dancing for Donuts | Friday Finds.

I’ve flown in for the weekend for one of my best friends’ weddings up in the mountains here, and it’s so nice to be home for a second! Before we head off to the festivities, I wanted to share my usual roundup with you, and wish all the mamas out there a Happy Mother’s Day! Y’all are incredible.

5 Ways to Use Matcha (Other Than Drinking it) – Let the obsession continue!

10 Dinner Bowls to Try This Week – Everything in bowls always & forever.

Flourless Honey Oat Ricotta Muffins – Wait. Ricotta? In muffins?! I’m sold.

6 Sneaky Ways to Add More Plant-Based Protein to Your Diet – Literally only doing one of these and want to be doing all of them!

25 Amazing No-Equipment Butt Exercises – For those of you on the go, like me! If I’m not jet-lagged AF later I’m definitely doing at least 5 of these…(but also I’ll totally be jet-lagged so nevermind?)

4 Ways to Love Yourself More, Everyday – THESE. All of these.

What is everyone up to this weekend?! Don’t forget to shower the leading ladies in your life with some extra love 🙂

xo Jordan

Friday Finds.

We made it to Friday guys! Go us.

Dancing for Donuts | Friday Finds.

Here’s what I’ve been reading & loving this week:

12 Ingredients to get you Excited for Spring Cooking – Love that this guide not only takes you through the seasonal produce but recipes to make with them!

5 Ways to Buy a Cheaper Lunch – I’ll take all the tips I can get.

Pineapple Ginger SmoothiePineapple Ginger Smoothie – This sounds SO GOOD.

5 Expert Tips for Being More Present (and Less Anxious – I’m not super into meditation, so these tips are much more my style.

Genius Kitchen Tips to Make Your Life Easier – Why are pineapples and mangos such a pain in the a$$ to cut?!

The 16 Best Exercises for Arm Day – Because summer (aka tank-top season) is around the corner and my bingo wings need some serious help.

The Amazing Beauty That is Kandholhu Island, Maldives – Sometimes looking at pictures of beautiful places and dreaming I can go someday is a great way to take a midday break at work… 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend, y’all! I’ll be up in Northern California for a bachelorette party. Follow along with my trip on Instagram or Snapchat! @jdranks

xo Jordan


Friday Finds.

Happy Friday, Friends!

Dancing for Donuts | Friday Finds.

Quick & Easy Blender Protein Pancakes – aka my breakfast Sunday morning.

11 Different Popcorns, 11 Different Ways – In light of trying to eat less sweets this month, I think popcorn is an awesome alternative. Can’t wait to try these!

A Guide to Plant-Based Calcium – Important!! I’ve been trying to get my nutrients from produce rather than dairy & meat, but let’s be real, I’ll never go vegan…haha

Spring-Cleaning Checklist – Putting this on my to-do list asap. My apartment needs a very serious spring clean!

The One Thing a Sleep Expert Wants You to Stop Doing – I really need to get back on my “kitchen closes at 9pm” thing, huh…

The Best Wines to Buy at Trader Joe’s – Yes, yes and more yes.

What have you been reading?! Let me know in the comments and have a beautiful weekend 🙂

xo Jordan


Friday Finds.

 I’m going to be honest here, I seriously thought Wednesday was Friday, so it couldn’t have been all that bad of a week…

Nonetheless, I’ve always been a huge fan of the weekend so TGIF! And Friday the 13th to be exact. I don’t know what it is about May, but it always seems to make me extra happy. I even treated myself to sunflowers on Sunday just ’cause (and they’re still alive and kickin’ 5 days later)! I only have 3 weeks until graduation and my vacation to Hawaii so I’ve been feeling particularly motivated to eat healthy and stick to my workout plan…sue me for wanting a #bikinibody. I have a few exciting plans for the weekend and am hoping to spend some time outside. Possibly with bloody mary’s…I hope you are, too 😉

Dancing for Donuts | Friday Finds.

 One Simple Diet Hack to Get You More Sleep – I always find these studies intriguing and this one actually makes sense.

4 Basic Cookie Doughs to Master – ‘Cause we know we’ll all be needing to bring treats to bbq’s & all the other summer parties pretty soon.

7 Ways to Take Viral Food Photos – For any bloggers/Instagrammers out there…which, let’s face it, is pretty much everyone.

Rose Sangria – Yes, yes and YES.

Stuffed Avocados for the Perfect Low-Carb Lunch – I have yet to try these yet and I’m dying to.

TIU Girls Beach Bod Workout – Do. This. Left me sore for 2 days, I’m obsessed.

15 Addictive Books That are Perfect for the Beach – About to order all of these on Amazon in approximately 30 seconds.

Have a great weekend, loves!

xo Jordan

Friday Finds.

Was it just me, or did yesterday feel like Friday?

I think it was probably a lack of sleep combined with the celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day, but alas, here we are. TGIF!

Dancing for Donuts | Friday Finds.

2-Ingredient Pizza Hack – have you guys heard of this?!?! trying asap.

5 Healthy Ways to Beat Your Afternoon Snack Craving – story of my life.

How to Order Healthy at Restaurants – does anyone else look up the menu before they go anywhere new? guilty.

15 Breakfast Recipes You Need to Make for Dinner – wish i could have breakfast pizza every morning… *insert whining emoji here*

How to Make Freezer Smoothie Packs – so necessary as the weather gets warmer!

9 Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks – #2, #3, #7 & #8 all day everyday.

This is Why You Eat More When You’re Sleep Deprived – crap.

Have a great weekend, friends!

xo Jordan

Monday Motivation.

Hey y’all!

So I totally missed out on posting my usual Friday Finds last week (’cause it was cray), but because today is the start of both a new week and a new month, I feel like now is an appropriate time for a quick check-in. I was talking to a friend over coffee this morning about how January felt like a month of clarity almost, like all the chaos was just to get us pointed in the right direction for the rest of 2016. I don’t know about you, but I feel more motivated and focused than ever, and I can’t wait to see what February brings!

Dancing for Donuts | Monday Motivation.

As for workouts, I tried a new class at a local studio here called FLIGHT and looooooooved it. It’s a mix of dance, cardio and yoga all set to EDM music and i literally couldn’t walk for 3 days afterwards. I’m totally hooked though, I’ve already gotten my 5-class pack and can’t wait to go back! I’m also loving the recent workouts from the Tone It Up girls like the one below. I still have a few leftover pounds from the holidays to get rid of if ya know what I’m sayin…

Dancing for Donuts | Monday Motivation.

And as per usual, here are some interesting links from around the web! I can’t wait to start my Valentine’s Day baking 😉

Baking Basics: Room Temperature Ingredients Make a Difference – I need to get better about remembering this.

10 Better Ways to Eat Veggies – for that leftover holiday weight I was mentioning…

14 Celebrity Diet Tips – preach, Jennifer Hudson.

The Ultimate Guide to All-Day Snacking – am I the only one who needs to eat every 2 hours?

How to Cook the Sweetest Sweet Potatoes – on a sweet po kick these days.

 7 Quick Tips that Made me Eat More Healthfully & Save Money – THANK YOU.

The Ultimate Healthy Pancake Round-Up – because every day should feel like a Sunday.

5 Small Things You Can Do While Dinner is Cooking – I swear by all of these.

Have a great week!!!

xo Jordan

Friday Finds.

Well, we made it to Friday.

After a crazy week, I’m thinking this weekend should involve some baking, some hiking, lots of lounging, some reading, and maaaaaybe a bit of pizza. Who’s with me?

Dancing for Donuts | Friday Finds.

Toned Arms Workout – personally need this to get ready for tank tops again…

14 Low-Calorie Afternoon Snack Options – anyone else absolutely ravenous ~3pm everyday?

Conversation Donut Hearts – YES. just…yes.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Making Chili – winter = chili so let’s do it right, y’all.

5 Incredible Ways to Use a Can of Tomatoes – for when you’re over the chili.

10 Easy Dinner Recipes – um, all of these.

Sunshine Citrus Chia Bowls – a sure-fire way to brighten any January morning.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

xo Jordan

Friday Finds.

Hello & Happy Friday, ya’ll.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t actually believe Christmas is only a week away. It feels like I’ve been prepping, decorating, baking and dreaming in anticipation and it’s finally almost here! I’m also basically on vacation at this point (and will be going home to NY on Monday YAY!), so that probably helps it all sink in. This is the last Friday Finds post I’ll do for a couple of weeks so bookmark these awesome holiday ideas before it’s too late! 🙂

Dancing for Donuts | Friday Finds.

10 Holiday Treats You Can Making in the Microwave – excuse me, what?!

5 Simple & Festive Ways to Make Spiced Nuts – made these for a gift and they are ridiculous.

15 Essential Products for Anyone Who Wants to Live Healthier – for all your new year’s resolutions people.

10 Breakfast Casseroles for Christmas Morning – do I have to wait until then, though?

10 Healthy Food & Wellness Hacks – thank you.

5 Holiday Travel Hacks – for anyone heading home for the holidays! 🙂

Catch you on the flipside.

xo Jordan